Iron Pumping and Downward Dog

Good afternoon friends!

I hope everyone is having a lovely assessment day! Something I like to do when I am not in class or at work is take a group fitness class at UREC! It is simpler for me to set aside one hour where I just show up and someone puts me through a great workout than thinking of my own workout and making the time to go. Attending lots of classes made me really notice- where are all the men and why does group fitness have a stigma of being only for girls?

I can understand how some people stay away from dance type classes (although those are my favorite!). For girls and guys alike, if you aren’t that into dancing as a workout, you just aren’t into it. UREC offers lots of different class formats, but we still mostly see women. Some men might think the workouts are too easy, but the idea of group fitness is to push each other to work harder so you can always take harder options and/or choose a heavier weight. Overall, I think there is just this “girly” stereotype with group fitness, which I don’t understand. Many home videos, like Shaun T’s Insanity, are considered super challenging and for men and women alike, but they are really just group fitness classes on the TV! I find the face to face interaction much more challenging and interesting.

One format at UREC that has seen an increase in men in yoga. UREC even started a class called “Yoga for Men” which some refer to as “Broga” (Bro-yoga). Women are of course still welcome in this class, but it focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the male body (generally speaking, males are often tighter through their upper back and shoulders and they tend to have stronger upper bodies). Regular yoga classes have seen an increase in male attendance over the years, but they are always looking for more!

There are countless benefits of yoga including stress relief, improved flexibility, improved strength that will help prevent arthritis, increased energy, better sleep, and more! Another benefit for those who stay only in the weight room is that yoga has a non-impact nature. Instead of isolating one muscle group while lifting weights, the entire body gets worked out in yoga but it’s also good for your bones and joints.

It would be awesome to get more men in the studio to shake up both their workout and this stereotype! If you would like to see when yoga or any group fitness classes are offered you can go to to read descriptions and register for a class!

Why do you think group fitness has such a “girly” stereotype? Guys, would you try out a group fitness class? Leave a comment and let me know!


One thought on “Iron Pumping and Downward Dog

  1. I feel like this is so true. There is something inherently “girly” about yoga and I don’t know where that came from. Flexibility is important for fitness so I don’t know why this is an area that has a feminine connotation. I hope more guys take yoga or are inspired to do more from Broga classes.


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