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Quick Hit: Women Coming Soon in the Tour De France?

On Jezebel I found out some somewhat big sports news, women can now compete in the Tour De France, but they will have an event known as the “La Course.” The article is a little bit confusing, but I think the term alongside is not a proper one in regards to the idea that women will compete with men. It took me a few times to read, but it seems that women will not compete amongst men, but will still be included in the Tour De France. Since 1989 women were no longer permitted to compete in their own events at the Tour De France, but this will not be the case any longer. Thanks to a petition that was highly promoted by Emma Pooley, who is a world time-rail champion from the United Kingdom, 80,000 signatures were easily signed and now women can compete in the Tour De France, making cycling somewhat of an equal sport opportunity for both sexes.

pictureforfirstquickhit(Emma Pooley source

According to the article some people in the world of cycling raised eyebrows, but they will have to deal with the fact that women are now a part of the race that is watched around the globe. But for right now all we know is that for this year’s Tour De France women will be included again in their own separate events. But no route has been determined as of now.  Do you feel that this a big step for women’s rights why or why not?

2 Responses to “Quick Hit: Women Coming Soon in the Tour De France?”

  1. deltatheory

    As an avid cyclist, I’ve found there are definitely areas of the biking culture that aren’t very gender-friendly. Mostly, some high-volume city riders have altered perceptions of “crew riding” or some hyper-aggressive perception of cycling. And however friendly road competition is, the male and female categories are usually quite different and have highly altered routes. I honestly think for the Tour to bring back this category is an awesome addition regardless, since there are a TON absolutely amazing female cyclists out there who deserve to compete in the course. One area of cycling I’ve found to be pretty fair is the track cycling world. Most events are completely identical regardless of the riders gender and expectations are pretty equal as well.


    • SarahStar77

      Deltatheory I am very unfamiliar with the world of cycling to begin with, so thank you for giving me some great insight into the sport. I was unaware that most of the categories have different routes for men and women, that seems to be really unfair. But at least the track cycling world’s competition is equal to both sexes. Hopefully this will eventually be the case for all the other events. I am glad you are happy about women competing in the La Course. Do you think having women compete in the Tour De France will bring more viewers? Also thanks for reading.



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