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Quick Hit: Use the #NotBuyingIt app to call out sexist media


Use the #NotBuyingIt app to call out sexism in the media (

As you gear up for the super bowl today, are you secretly bracing yourself for the inevitable sexism and harmful depictions of femininity and masculinity that will come through your TV screen today? Are your friends and roommates “so done” with your (constructive!) feminist critiques of TV, movies, and commercials? Feeling like you’re going to have to bite your tongue and brood silently about the state of womens’ representation in the media today? 

Well YOU’RE IN LUCK! Because today, in a special edition of oh-my-god-did-they-really-just-say-that-why-isn’t-anyone-else-mad-about-this-??, The Representation Project has come out with the “Not Buying It” app that we can all use to call out sexism in the media – and it’s here just in time for the super bowl.

We’ve used the #NotBuyingIt hashtag on twitter for years now to signal our personal protests of using our buying (or not-buying) power to communicate our disapproval to media companies. Now we have an app that is expanding the way that we can exercise our consumer power together.

The “Not Buying It” app lets you create and join campaigns against sexist media by taking and sharing photos of media that objectifies women and support campaigns against the media companies producing these ads. And the best part? We can send messages directly to companies to make sure the message gets through that sexism doesn’t sell.

Don’t have a smartphone? Keep using the #NotBuyingIt hashtag on twitter to be a part of the project! Join this movement to exercise your consumer power and stand with the millions of people who are showing media companies that we will only tolerate for media that is fair, accurate, and frankly – more creative.

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