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Let’s Get Real About Gender Inequality

I was scrolling through my newsfeed the other day when I came across a map that should have shocked me. It was a map that highlighted each country’s Gender Inequality Index. Now, if you had no idea that a Gender Inequality Index even existed don’t feel bad because I had no idea either! Pretty cool concept though, they calculate a score by looking at a bunch of different areas such as maternal mortality rate, number of seats women hold in government bodies and the labor force participation rate. If your score is low, your gender equality is high.

So just so you can get the big picture, the light pink color is the lowest score, and then it increases to deep red with white indicating no data. You can tell by glancing that the world still has a long way to go, but if you check out the link the map is much larger and it’s interactive! It’s actually really cool because you can scroll over each individual country and see their score and then correspond it with the key. The 2012 data found that the Netherlands had the highest rate of gender equality, and Yemen had the lowest.

Here are the top ten countries that are getting it right when it comes to gender equality:

10. Iceland

9. France

8. Slovenia

7. Germany

6. Finland

5. Norway

4. Switzerland

3. Denmark

2. Sweden

1. Netherlands

Curious where the United States landed on the list? #42. The country known for being “the melting pot” of all different people. The country that people immigrate to so they can have a better life. The country that believes in “the American Dream” being attainable for everyone….is #42. We also had a score of 256. The range for the light orange color was 171-274 and we had a 256. There’s no sugar coating it, our score is unacceptable. Point blank, that’s it end of discussion. But that isn’t what this post is about. Like I said before, that map did not shock me at all. I knew our score would suck because I’m of the supposed “lesser” gender. I feel it. Gender inequality exists in the United States and I don’t need a stupid map to tell me that. I experience it.

This post has a much more positive point! 😀 While the country I currently live in is slacking, and so is much of the world, it isn’t everywhere. We need to see this map as a map of progress. The countries that have attained good gender equality are typically rated as countries with the highest levels of happiness. They also are much more productive. The Gender Inequality Index  estimated losses in achievement due to gender inequality range from 4.5%-74.7%. Wow, now that’s an estimation for ya!

So if countries all over the world are realizing that they would be happier and more productive if gender equality could be attained, my hope is that the United States will get on board. Now I know Germany and France haven’t always been our best buddies before but I really think we should follow their lead here! These countries are doing it right, and this map basically calls the rest of world and says: you’re wrong and for the love of humanity you have GOT to change. Check out the map and let me know your thoughts on this!

2 Responses to “Let’s Get Real About Gender Inequality”

  1. Xenawarriorprincess

    Wow, this is CRAZY. I mean yeah we still experience gender equality, but 42!?? I completely agree, that is unacceptable. It just demonstrates how far we have to go as a nation and proves to those who don’t think gender equality still “exists”, that it clearly and statistically does. Great job, a major eye opener!



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