Let’s Do the Timewarp Again!

Let’s do the time warp again, but really we should. If you haven’t ever seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, then I would suggest finding the movie watching it, and then come back to this post. So Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and it cannot be complete without watching the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was watching it a couple days ago and it isn’t until now that I realized how risky the plot was to audiences in that time. Picture talking about transsexualism in the 1970’s or the aspect of liberating yourself sexually, just seems unheard of.

In the spirit of Halloween and feminism, I just want to bring out a couple highlights of Rocky Horror that I did not notice when I first watched this film. I don’t know if this was intended at all but a lot of social commentary was presented in this film and I really noticed that within the creation of Rocky.  The creation of Rocky plays into the concept of hyper masculinity, that a man is seen as more of man when he is presented with bigger muscles. The song within this scene talks about how Rocky will work out all the time to become a man, but there is barely any consideration of other characteristics. Also the simple fact that Rocky doesn’t talk for most of the film, plays on how the body is more appreciated then the mind.

Another part that I found interesting was how Janet found liberation within her own sexuality. This is clear in the song Touch Me. She talks about how she only kissed before and anything beyond that only leads to trouble. When she is placed into this new environment she explores her sexuality more.  One part of this that I do not like is how both Janet and Brad cheat in order to gain this new sense of self. I can say though that it’s great to see Janet in a more dominant role and controlling her body and being assertive about what she wants. For most of the movie she seems meek and timid and always relying on someone. If you think about it, even though, she is telling Rocky exactly what she wants, she is still seeking fulfillment from a man and not trying to achieve it for herself. Though this song is my favorite(besides Time Warp), I would half to say that I wish there was more of Janet showing independence throughout the film.

Of course I cannot ignore the aspect of transsexualism. First I would like to say that I thought it was really cool that this form of gender expression was presented in this film, but it’s weird to think that now in days we barely use that term. We normally say transgender( unless someone refers to be called the other term), and transsexual can even be seen as a derogatory term. If there was ever a redo of this movie, I would like to see if certain terms can be changed to fit the times.

rocky horror

Rocky Horror Picture Show, though it is somewhat flawed, it’s a must see. I cannot picture my October without seeing this film at least once. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, check it out and let me know if you agree with any of my opinions on the film.

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