Level it Out

It didn’t hit me until recently that the “point” of feminism is to obtain an equal playing field for all sexes. During a class the other day my professor pointed out what an ideal view of equality is: leveling the playing field so that those that deserve to rise up can do so. Although she was talking about class differences, it is difficult not to compare the inequality of the sexes as well. Women are continually labeled as second class citizens and it is difficult to hold onto the ideals of equality when so many things seem to demote them to the bottom of the totem poll.

Is everyone the same?
Is everyone the same?

I think of this now because not only do I continually feel like a second class citizen as a woman, but I also feel the marginalization from day to day as soon as someone realizes I am a lesbian. How many times has my mother asked me to not include “that gay stuff” in my resume so that I can be sure to get a job? It seems like a joke when so many are quick to say that women are lucky to have many new jobs that so many men are not lucky enough to score. So do we want this ideal to take over our minds? Or can we move past it and work our asses off at individual parts of ourselves and create a better tomorrow? The goal is to avoid the sadness that comes with an ideal that can never be, but we can work together, speaking together, to gain a common goal of equality, one moment at a time.

3 thoughts on “Level it Out

  1. Leveling the playing field is such an interesting metaphor…the idea of leveling makes me think of sports or games where there is a win and a lose. Is this the impression you get, too? Like equal footing?…same starting place? just wondering:)


  2. Through this I feel like it is an attempt at the same starting place, basically like a race. But if we all start at different areas on the track, some will get further than others much faster, leaving the ones at the back in the dust. The feeling I get is that the people on the lower end of the spectrum (that is to say, when they are treated as less than human beings in some cases) they are definitely losing. Those that are given all the goods to climb the corporate ladder just by the nature of their race, sex, gender, sexual orientation (etc) are inevitably going to win.


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