…Now I Realize I’m a Feminist

Hello readers! Hearmeroar12 here, writing for ShoutOut for the first time! I’m really stoked to get started with this semester, not only because I think that the goal of this blog is really important, but also because I have a looooot of opinions regarding feminist issues. I want to share these opinions with both open and close minded people, with the hope that I can get some solid, unapologetic discussion going. I’m currently a big fan of anything and everything that can be seen as problematic in the big ol’ flight for gender equality, so I probably won’t be sticking to any major themes (yet).  

Up until last semester, I didn’t really label myself as a feminist. Sure, I knew that there were some things that really pissed me off, like the “make me a sandwich” jokes that my idiotic guy friends threw around in high school, or my ex-boyfriend telling me I sucked at driving merely because of my sex (sorry, but driving skills aren’t oriented around whether or not someone has XX chromosomes)…but I never really identified why I was so angry. My guy friends just called me a bitch – nice, right? Well, last semester I had my first Women’s Studies class, and on the very first day I instantly identified myself.

I’m not a bitch, I’m a feminist, and damn proud of that fact.

As soon I as I identified myself as a feminist, I looked at everyday life with a fresh pair of eyes. I watched blatantly sexist things go down everywhere I went. The worst of it was within my own groups – friends, boyfriends’ friends, even my own family. My father is one of those “breadwinner” types, and now that I am more aware of sexism in My Daily Life, it is almost painful to be around him. My mom is a teacher, and it’s as if he doesn’t even consider her profession a career – he’s always tired coming home from work, it’s his house, he makes the money. I could go on and on in a similar vein.

...yeah...not quite, dude.
…yeah…not quite, dude.

When I’m in the car on a Friday night with my boyfriend and his friends, his friends will scream “slut” or “sorostitute” out the window at female college students in full party dress who are simply walking down the street. Haha, it’s so funny….except it isn’t. He doesn’t chime in, most likely because he knows who I am…and the mere look on my face threatens dismemberment of important parts. He knows that I can’t accept that kind of behavior in my life anymore. His friends just laugh at me when I tell them that what they are doing promotes rape culture and is beyond effed up. I would almost rather they be mad – at least that’s a stronger reaction than complete dismissal. Anger might make my words stick with them longer. Dad gets mad when I say things to him…but that’s only because his daughter – whose college he bankrolled– is telling him that he needs to correct his behavior.

Well guess freakin’ what?

I’m mad too, because I know that as a woman, I am part of the group that isn’t being treated with the respect that they deserve. People say that the fight for gender equality is over and done with, and that women are now on equal footing with everyone else. I say that if that were true, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post right now. In fact, this blog wouldn’t exist. The fact of the matter is, this blog does exist…and I’m so damn tired of being told to shut up and sit down. My voice WILL be heard now, through this blog, and no one can stop me.

4 thoughts on “…Now I Realize I’m a Feminist

  1. That sucks about your guy friends doing crap like catcalling or putting down innocent bystanders like that. Some of my friends are the same way and it’s been tough being laughed at or told to calm down when I tell them how (excuse me) shitty that is. But don’t stop! Slowly some of them have changed for the better; persistence works!
    Excited to hear what you have to say this semester!


  2. From one unapologetic feminist to another–right on!! I am happy you are blogging for us this semester, and elated with your first post!


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