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This week at Shout Out!

Ladychaotica21 found this article from Jezebel, where a female CBS reporter claimed that a NBA cheerleader was “too chunky” for her tiny uniform.  It’s so infuriating when women are criticized for their bodies, but it’s even worse when a fellow woman is responsible for fat-talk.  Here’s an example of how NOT to talk about a sister.

Hannah Grace found that on April 23, 2013, France voted to approve same-sex marriage, a bill expected to pass once it is reviewed by congressional congress; however, all is not well in the country. There has been a rise in attacks against LGBTQ individuals, allies, and supportive lawmakers, people who need to know we have their back – allies united will not be stopped by fear!

Kelly J. found this article on thefbomb site. She thought it was a short, yet sweet post that spoke to her a lot. She thinks that identity as a feminist, but also as an individual in general, is a central concept to finding happiness. She has finally reached a point in her young adult life where she is excited and happy to share with others who she is and what her identity means.

JGrand50 found this article about the so-called “queering of professional sports.” Does the reaction to Brittney Griner speak to larger societal acceptance?

ImagineHerstory is happy to have found this site to remind her why the world needs feminism.  As summer draws near most of us leave our feminist friendly atmosphere on campus and this site helps remind us why we need to continue the fight regardless of our location.

So if you have not heard President Obama has recently made an address about the issue of Planned Parenthood. I am happy to say he is backing up planned parenthood saying it is here to stay he also comments on how he is ashamed of states making laws for women to make it less access to get an abortion. There is a video of his speech attached to this link so go watch it!
FemOnFire found this Feministing article written by a sexual assault Survivor about the recently-aired SVU episode regarding college sexual assault, and why she isn’t happy about it.
ElFeministo found this post from Feministe stepping up for Beyonce and putting perspective on her compared to other women in the media

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