Ramblings of a Nostalgic Senior

So as my last post I kind of wanted to write I guess what would be considered a reflection of some shape or form.  There ultimately won’t be a general topic or subject heading, I honestly don’t know I’m going to title this…ramblings of nostalgic senior? I actually kind of like it but more to the point if I have one, I am a senior and have two weeks left of my college career, gosh it makes me feel so old.  I remember when I was a freshman older people would tell me to enjoy it while it lasts because it passes by so quickly and I never thought I’d see the day when I was that older person.

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 1.25.04 AM

It feels like just yesterday that I was a little freshwoman, well I still am little but hopefully a lot wiser.  People always say that college is when you find yourself, you’ll experiment but along the road you’ll come into your own as a small person in this big world.  You make mistakes, you learn from them and grow plus hopefully don’t repeat them but there’s ups and downs, break ups, hook ups and fuck ups, you may get an underage charge, you may find a soul mate, or just a best friend that you will always stay in touch with and you may very well may streak the quad.  There are papers and tests but those aren’t the things that shape your college experience.  You won’t care what you got on your geology test Sophomore year but the night you stayed up all night talking to a complete stranger, you will.  Along this wild journey that people casually refer to as college, I found myself and I can 100% thank feminism for the woman I am today.

I truly formed a relationship with feminism last year and I can’t believe I went 20 years without identifying as one, what was a doing with my life?  I’ve aways had feminist tendencies but my first day in Intro to Women’s Studies, I knew I found my place.  I learned so much in a time span of 2 weeks and was so eager to learn more, it was the second time that I actually enjoyed getting out of bed to go to class, the first being my major Sociology.  I don’t know if it was the radical notion that women are people concept or the fact that everything we talked about was applicable to my life or really that I feel like I was seeing the world through an entirely new lens, a scary and slightly disheartening F’d up lens.

Knowledge is power and whoever came up with the whole “ignorance is bliss” mentality is an idiot, sorry but we cannot create change without an extensive knowledge of our oppression.  We cannot fight patriarchy blindfolded, well you can’t really do anything blindfolded but all I’m saying that is without feminism we are ignorant to the patriarchal concept that women are seen as the “other” sex, vaginas are our anatomical dictators that provide a reason to get paid less, restricted to the private sphere and our worth lies in our reproductive ability.  We are vessels for a man to use for his, and his alone, sexual desires then toss us to the side.  Because of our slight genital differences we are told how to act, how to dress, there is only one type of beautiful, we must like sex but we can’t be too sexual because then you’re a slut, everything that men are praised for makes me look like a bitch and the fact that sexual assault is a fear in general.  I could go on but you get the point but I honestly think that you have to see all the wires of the birdcage to even begin a rescue mission.  I came across a tumblr site about needing feminism and people send in pictures of the reasons they need feminism which is amazing to see. The world needs feminism but I took a photo of why I need feminism…

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 1.05.15 AM

There were so many things to say, so many reasons but this is probably my numero uno because if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last four years, it’s that I am a strong and independent woman.  If I there is a man in my life, it’s because I want him there, I do not need male validation and I do not need a penis in my life to feel complete, I am complete.  My vagina does not limit me, it only empowers me and is a strength not a weakness. This is why I need feminism.

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