March Madness: Don’t forget the women!

Most people know what March Madness is, but if you don’t know, its when the colleges plays in single-elimination Division I college basketball tournaments. Now I really don’t know a lot about basketball, the only reason I know a little bit is from watching the JMU Dukes men’s basketball team making it into the NCAA tournament ,which they have not done since 1994. It was cool watching the game probably since it was the first time I have ever sat and watched a basketball game. I kept yelling hit them because I forgot I wasn’t watching football.

But after we lost the game against Indiana I remembered that we did have a women’s basketball team too. I never really heard much about our women’s team except for the fact that they were really good. So I started to keep up with their progress in their own tournament. They were pretty awesome. I was surprised that around campus we didn’t talk more about how well they were doing. It seemed after our men’s team lost no one really cared about how JMU was doing for the rest of March Madness.


I wonder why that is. Why do we care more about men’s sports then we do women? Is it because women have not had national recognized sports as long as men have? Is it because men are able to hit each other more? It has become a cultural norm that we talk and involve ourselves more into men’s sports then we do women’s.

When I was growing up I used to get these free tickets from my Dad’s company to a women’s soccer team called New York Power. My brother and I use to have so much fun going to those games, from the fun activities they had before the games to watching the soccer game. I was playing soccer at the time in elementary school and I remember seeing these women playing soccer thinking wow wouldn’t it be cool to just play soccer everyday as your job.

After two years of going to the games almost once a month during their season the team shut down. To this day I still don’t know what happened to them. My dad said they probably weren’t making enough revenue or getting enough attention. I asked why and he said probably because they are women.


I never became a professional soccer player and I probably never really was going to, but its sad that I looked up to these women when I was younger and then my role models just disappeared because they were women.

One woman I want to highlight on is a JMU alumna. She played for the JMU women’s basketball team her name is Tamera Young who graduated 2008 and that year was drafted in the first round, 8th overall, to the WNBA. She currently plays for Chicago Sky. A woman like this is who we should be supporting and highlighting, and help be those role models to young girls who want to play sports.

JMU women's basketball team
JMU women’s basketball team

If you don’t know already JMUs’ women’s basketball team made it to the WNIT Quarter Final but recently lost to Florida this past Saturday. I know next season I plan on supporting our women’s basketball team more, and other JMU women’s sports, rockin’ the purple and gold! Hopefully I won’t be the only one!

One thought on “March Madness: Don’t forget the women!

  1. Great post! I recently had a conversation with a student who works summer camps at JMU and she said that women’s basketball camps have record numbers and men’s camps have had to cancel because of lack of numbers…it’d be great if women’s bball had that kind of support from it’s own campus!


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