Links Round-up

This week at Shout Out!

ImagineHerstory wants to know, would you rent out your legs for advertisement?  Read how Japanese women are doing just that!  What’s next advertising on breasts?

This week HannahGrace was upset to hear a few of her guys friends playing “Who Would You Do” in the bar. While it might seem like a joke to them, she believes that their game represents the sexualization of women (and they know some awesome ones!), which in turn leads to the rape culture we live in. To far of a stretch? Check out this tumblr, made to “remind feminists everywhere they are only mad because they are ugly.”

Shameless Fem found a school where a teacher has requested a LGBT free prom, the nerve!!

shieldkt read this post this week and was excited to see this new movie coming out. It is about how children growing up in war zones  have to grow up quicker then other children.

Ladychaotica21 wants to share this awesome video from TedTalks, which discusses the current climate of consciousness-raising, the importance of intersectionality, and the power of voice in this generation’s feminist movement.

Jgrand50 found an article about social cause gaming, or the use of games to promote awareness of societal problems. The game, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, will be released on March 4th through Facebook with the goal of raising awareness about global women’s issues.

FemOnFire stumbled on this critique of feminists who don’t value intersectionality in their approach to fighting oppression.

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