Work it Women: Women in the workforce

So I have been on the search for internships over these past few weeks and it has been getting me to think about what field I want to go into when I graduate. It has also got me thinking of women in the work place. Now it is a common known fact that in certain industries there is stigma when it comes to women working in them. But this is the 21st century and I don’t want to think about how women are hindered when it comes to them being in the work force. I want to see more women who are able to break through that glass ceiling and can pave a way for women in certain industries, so one day have they can have that typical “corner office” with that nice view. So I took it upon myself to learn more from doing a little research on the topic.


I read this article on Forbes website that gave me a little more insight into what I was trying to search. The article I read was The 10 Best Companies For Women In 2013. The article said that America’s major corporations who currently have female CEOs are only 4%. Even though that is such a small number every year it seems to be inching higher and higher. (Kind of wish it wasn’t exactly inching though)


Some of these companies are that that are leading the nation in their commitment to female leadership are companies like IBM, Abbott, General Mills, and Johnson & Johnson.


IBM got a huge spotlight put on them in 2011 when they gave their vacant CEO position to Virginia Rometty, who had worked for the company for 30 years. This was the first time a woman was going to head a century-old tech giant. IBM has 27% of their senior managers made up of women and 23% of their corporate executives are women.  Other companies who are giving women this opportunity to be leaders within their organizations are companies like General Mills who have 37% and Johnson & Johnson who have 31% of their senior managers made up of females.


There are other companies like Prudential Financial that are trying to help women move up through their company to higher positions. They have an on-site MBA program that currently women make up the majority of employees who studying toward it.


Now after reading this article I feel inspired that there are so many women who are changing the stigma of women who are in the work force. They are inspiring young women like me and even the younger generation to be persistent when it comes to trying to be what they call, “On top” or the “cream of the crop”. Even with all of this great progress women have made, I still feel like we are not in the place we should be. I hope one day I can be alive when it is not a rarity for women to be in a high level position within a highly reputable company. I am not saying this is an easy task to do by any means. But women need to stop thinking that other women can do this job for them. If you are woman and are in the work force you should obligated to be a role model to future women, because the are the future who can change this stigma. And honestly this just maybe my positive attitude put maybe one day we can even get rid of the stigma all together. 

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