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Another Valentine’s Day commercial…….

So it’s the day that people have been awaiting its approach, Valentine’s Day. There are those who are walking around starry eyed over the gifts, candy, flowers, and special dinner dates they get to spend with that special someone.  Then there are those who just want to stay inside and pretend like its just another day and for it to be over and done with.

Over the past few weeks I have been seeing the increase in Hallmark Valentines card commercials, chocolate candy commercials, and the one type of commercials single people dread, the online dating/ matchmaking site commercials. These online dating sites/ matchmaking sites around this time of year will

have “Valentines Day sales” so you can find that special someone. So I wanted to learn more about these online dating sites so I looked up to see myself what advice do they really give to people who are single.


At first when I was starting to write this blog I thought I would go off on how insulting the online dating commercials were because it made you feel like you needed to have someone to spend Valentines Day with. But I actually read eHarmony’s advice website and I changed my mind. On their advice website I expected to fi

nd articles on how you are a failure to be single on Valentines Day. However I found that most of the articles actually talked about how being single on Valentine’s Day is not a bad thing. One article I enjoyed was 10 Reasons to be happy you are Single on Valentine’s Day.

Within the article they talked about how you should enjoy being single. It talked about how you are saving money to how you will never be dumped on Valentine’s Day. There were other articles that addressed being single was as a really good thing.  These articles made you feel happy to not be in a serious relationship because you could just focus on yourself instead of someone else and no have to give up some freedoms that you would have to otherwise in a relationship. Sometimes it made me miss being single. Lol

So now that I have seen online dating is not the worse thing in the world around Valentines Day; instead it is those nauseating commercials for candy, flowers, and expensive jewelry.  I find it insulting being women watching those commercials. They make it seem like if your significant other picks you up some type of sparkly jewelry it will make you swoon and be more madly in love with them. I mean I do love my jewelry but I find it insulting to be shown affection by how much jewelry you have gotten over the years. These gifts aren’t going to tell you everything is going to be ok after a tragedy and it isn’t going to hold you tight at the end of a long day. I also find it insulting that it’s rare to see a commercial geared toward buying gifts for men. It seems like women are the ones need to be reminded that they are loved on Valentines Day. It makes women seem weak and unsure of their significant other’s love for them.


For this Valentines Day I do have a Valentine, this being my first year having a Valentine its weird to be on the other side. I really don’t see the big deal of the day because everyday you should be appreciating your significant other not just a once year kind of deal. And you don’t need to buy expensive jewelry or give them flowers every week but instead respect them for who they are and be by their side through every triumph and every tragedy. That’s what love really is, not all of this commercialized holiday crap. So next time you look at a Valentines Day commercial think about would you rather have a box of fine chocolates or a person who will stand by you through everything day by day.

2 Responses to “Another Valentine’s Day commercial…….”

  1. imagineherstory

    Great post! I was also thinking how one-sided Valentine’s Day seems to be, the woman is the one who gets the chocolates, flowers, jewelry, dinner. Nothing is really geared for the men, well, except for the woman’s body. Too often I’ve heard/seen people discuss that men are supposed to give these gifts and in return she is supposed to have sex with him, almost regardless if she wants to or not. That is the trade off that is expected. Not only does this system show, as you stated, that women need constant materialistic validation of their significant others love, but also that the only thing that women have of value to use in return is their body.


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