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[TW: Racism] Signal Boost: We Are All Harrisonburg

With everything going on in the world these days, it can be easy to feel upset and saddened by the news. Given the recent events in Libya, and across the Middle East and Africa, it is understandable that many Americans are upset and frustrated that their fellow countrymen are in harms way.

But that never, ever justifies racist acts against anyone, especially those in our own communities.

Today, someone sprayed incredibly racist, incendiary, and hateful graffiti on the local mosque in Harrisonburg, the home of JMU.

Harrisonburg is also home to a diverse population of immigrants, some of whom practice Islam. We work with them, live with them, go to school with them, and share a community with them. Harrisonburg is their home just as much as it is anyone else’s.

Here at ShoutOut!, we have a no-tolerance policy toward racism. I think it’s time Harrisonburg adopted that policy as well.

This Sunday, September 17th, at 4:30 PM, community members are encouraged gather at the Islamic Center of Shenandoah Valley to come together as a community and show that we are ALL Harrisonburg, no matter our religion or lack thereof.

For more information, visit the facebook page for the event.

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