Out On Campus

As a cis-gendered woman, when I’m walking around campus any day of the week, I don’t usually think about how it could feel different if I identified as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, or any other identity not included in the Gender Binary we’re used to. On Wednesday, April 8th, I attended the Out On […]

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One of may favorite YouTubers (and internet people in general) is Hayley G. Hoover. I’ve been watching her for 7-or-so years, and she’s great. She makes videos about her life, about random funny things, about Harry Potter, and about feminism. Her latest video is about street harassment, and why it’s the worst. Hayley shares her […]


Man, I Feel Like A Woman

*Warning The Video That Is Attached Is Extremely Violent, Viewer Discretion is Advised* This past week I’ve had two different conversations with two different groups of people about the life of Transgenders, and the difficultly that they face in our society.  Our society, as a whole, still views them as abnormal and more often than […]

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Rape Culture: Who’s Laughing Now?

TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of rape/ sexual assault. In my last post, I explained that the way a person dresses doesn’t indicate anyone’s right to touch them, and why this notion is so instrumental in contributing to rape culture. As the second post in my series about rape culture, I wanted to explore the concept of […]

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