Sunday Links Round-up

Welcome to another links round-up as yet another week begins and the end of the semester rapidly approaches! Ths week:

Aliasmitch found this: “must read list of cisgender privileges. Think of it as a nice companion to the list of white privileges Peggy McIntosh used in her essay “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” — Also, if you all did not already see this, also make sure to read this totally awesome article in the Breeze addressing the difficulties of being Queer at JMU.”

Eszenyme was enchanted when she found: “This tumblr , which is amazing. We might just have a new feminist meme on our hands! Yay for accessible feminist theory jokes!”

Femistorian was: “extremely excited to see that Feministing profiled working class hero Lilly Ledbetter in the Feministing Five this week! If that name sounds familiar, that’s because Obama’s first ever piece of legislation signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (which extends the time limit on reporting pay discrepancies based on sex, race, etc.). Enjoy the article, and keep your eye out for her book the next time you’re in your local bookstore!”

Femonfire found that: “despite the way much of western culture sees Afghan women, there are many beautiful parts of the Afghan culture that make it arguably less restrictive than ours. This article was an enlightening read.”

Internationalcupcakebandit was tickled by: “This blog post and video is so hilarious. In Oklahoma they are trying to outlaw masturbation… life starts at sperm? HAH! This abortion/contraception backlash is seriously getting out of hand.”

Katie O.  wanted to bring to our attention: “Arizona governor Jan Brewer, who you may remember because of her bizarre debate performances, “papers please” anti-immigration act, or for disrespectfully shoving her finger in President Obama’s face, has signed into law the bill that would ban abortion after 20-weeks. But here’s the thing about this already horrible, harmful law. It actually says women are pregnant 2 weeks before they conceive. Here’s hoping she eventually signs a law that declares Arizona will secede from the U.S.”

Kaycorbs444 found: “this link which discusses Ann Romney’s involvement in her husband’s presidential campaign with her recent activity in debate. It’s interesting to see how Mormons, women and feminists alike responded to her opinions and gives a great perspective on the election prospects.”

Parklena enjoyed “this blog about all sorts of different feminist issues and interesting articles that different people have been reading. There are a lot of interactions between people and the sharing of different opinions.”

2 thoughts on “Sunday Links Round-up

    1. Ah, thanks for the link! It is turning out to be a good read so far (also, thank you for posting the list of cisgender privileges in the first place!)


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