Wednesday Links Round-Up

Aliasmitch found himself awestruck after “attending SEWSA this weekend, particularly because the closing keynote speaker was Merri Lisa Johnson, an amazing and brave feminist who, as the outgoing president of SEWSA, was able to perform her own pieces about living with Borderline Personality Disorder. Most memorable to me was her assertation that “we begin to see disability as difference and not deficit.” Make sure to check out her website, her blog and also this post (not written by her) about the stigma and erasure of mental illness in our culture.”

Eszenyme was looking for blogs and found some bad news: “In my search for new and interesting blogs, I came across this article about the closure of a feminist blog called Broadsheet. Upon reading the article (and not having read the blog), I have to say I’m upset that the blog shut down because of heated discussions. Isn’t the point of blogs to raise consciousness and foster discussions? I understand/have seen the impact of negative comments but I think that’s what moderation is for. What do you think?”

Femistorian discovered: “this awesome documentary,  “How to Lose Your Virginity,”  brought to my attention by Feministing the other day. But it needs more money to get made! Even if you don’t have a few bucks to spare, check out the fantastic trailer at Kickstarter. I think we’d all love to see a film that debunks the myth that losing your virginity isn’t such a life-changing moment, or the only thing that gives a woman value. And, bonus, it features Jessica Valenti!”

FemOnFire found: this post “that describes ‘red flags’ one woman learned to spot to weed out undesirable online dating prospects. It also offers commentary that praises online dating as a way to ‘even the playing field’ between men and women, as the author explains it, allowing all parties to only engage in a conversation if they are interested, not out of social obligation.”

Internationalcupcakebandit “came across this video from the feminist blog, Feministing. It was the featured video as the “Feminist F*ck Yeah!” and I thought it was pretty simple and pretty great too. It features men criticizing the sexual harassment many women face when they are simply walking down the street. It’s important to know that there are people who stand firmly with us against heterosexist intimidation.”

Katie O. was enraged by the information in this Jezebel article about Arizona’s proposed abortion ban at 20 weeks. You see, according to the details of the bill, women will be considered pregnant two weeks before conception. Meaning, that the ban is actually at 18 weeks, and that these lawmakers really have NO idea how the female body functions.

Kaycorbs444 found “this link that discusses the recent issue of transgendered acceptance & equality efforts. It was interesting to learn about the scientific dichotomy of the “debate” and encouraging to see medical advances advocate the movement as a benefit to one’s health.”

Parklena was intrigued by “this post about the inequality of the work force where parents cannot get paid leave, especially those who are lower-class or less educated. One way in which America is deficient when compared to other developed countries – many European countries offer paid leave to new parents. Despite this, people are still encouraged to have children without any real benefits.”

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Links Round-Up

  1. Oh lord, that bill. I was just reading about that monstrosity last night and I couldn’t figure out if I was supposed to be amused by their stupidity or pissed off that they actually want to pass it. They really need to stop attempting to pass these kinds of bills because they aren’t doing anything useful at all. They don’t care about fetal pain. They don’t care about heartbeats. They don’t care about the kids after they’re born. They don’t care about preventing the need for abortions in the first place. All they’re doing is trying to punish women for daring to have sex. Yes, we’re all filthy sluts who deserve to damage our bodies after being forced to carry a baby to term that we didn’t want in the first place. It’s just…argh. This is especially annoying to me because I never want to have kids of my own, so being treated as pre-pregnant or even actually pregnant when I’m not just seems that much more wrong. It would also be nice if these creepy old white dudes stopped trying to mess with women’s body parts and just slept with their insurance-covered Viagra, leaving us alone.


    1. If (cis)men could get pregnant, then birth control would be readily available to everyone for extremely low cost. The real way to cut down on abortions is education and readily available contraception, which seems REALLY obvious to me…but hey. Who knows women’s bodies and issues better than old white cismen, amirite?

      Also, I really like the “Shit Men Say to Men Who Say Shit to Women” video. Good stuff.


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