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Sunday Links Round-Up!

Hey folks, we are just plowing through the year and it is hard to believe that it is April already! Welcome to yet another edition of the Sunday Links Round-up!

Aliasmitch was delighted to find: “This series of interviews with co-author of Manifesta and co-founder of Third Wave Foundation, Amy Richards. The series, titled Makers, contains a multitude of diverse women ranging from artist Faith Ringgold and actress/activist Marlo Thomas to more controversial figures like Condoleeza Rice and Phyllis Schafly. I thought that Amy Richards’ series of clips really captured her feminist perspective well and is definitely worth checking out!”

Eszenyme gives a cheer to across the pond: “Yay England! This new law prohibits wolf whistling/cat calling/any other street harassment in Britain. The article makes a great point that ending street harassment is a great first step toward de-normalizing sexism.”

Internationalcupcakebandit really enjoyed: “This analysis of why not wearing a condom is romanticized and is a symbol of “trust” in today’s society. It’s quite interesting that many people believe when you care about someone and trust them, it means you should put their health and well being in danger.”

Kaycorbs444 found: “This link that explores the divide between the LGBTQ and black communities. The author is a member of both groups and discusses the tension between as both a personal and political problem. It was extremely interesting to read this as a primary source of one who is experiencing first hand the social and legal consequences of this severe disconnect.”

Parklena discovered: “An article on the effects of stopping the use of depo-provera that I felt was important to share because all women need to know the possible effects of different types of birth control. Women need to be very careful and read all the fine print on certain types of birth control offered.”

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