Sunday Links Round-Up!

Welcome to yet another Sunday at ShoutOut! We hope that you enjoy finding out what we’ve been reading this week as much as we enjoy sharing it with you. This week:

Aliasmitch found: “This wonderful post that examines what “women’s rights” mean in a trans context and that sexist gendered hierarchies are unsurprisingly reflected in how transmen and transwomen are regarded both inside and outside feminist and other radical communities.”

Eszenyme enjoyed: “A great article about a 14 year old girl that started a feminist/fashion blog after she started learning about Riot Grrrl and Sassy magazine.  Her blog got so popular that she has since written articles for Harper’s Bazaar among other publications.  It’s great to know that young girls are empowering themselves and creating their own forms of feminism. ”

Femistorian presents for your consideration: “This video from MSNBC, just further proof the the VA legislator is nothing but a good ol’ boys club. My only question is, if NOVA is the liberal mecca of the state, how on earth did someone like Dave Albo get elected? Oh no wait, I do have one more question. Why are our tax dollars paying for men to get up and joke about government-sanctioned rape instead of MAKING LAWS?!”

Internationalcupcakebandit uncovered: An “article [that] was great and outraging at the same time. APPARENTLY, U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton in Washington State ruled that pharmacists can refuse to sell contraception. Seriously? Religious fundamentalism has no place whatsoever in a medical enviroment. This is one of the most unprofessional and condescending things I’ve heard in a while.”

Katie O. has been reading an article in which: “Victor Goode at Colorlines analyzes the Supreme Court’s decision to review affirmative action, and the consequences, given that Justice Robert’s court is not friendly to the policy. This case could potentially be incredibly detrimental to affirmative action and opportunities for minorities, particularly at Ivy League institutions. This article is a great summation of what is at stake in this case.”

Kaycorbs444 came across: “This blog which has a sense of humor, while still getting across very serious, and relevant issues, particularly in the recent ordeal between Virginia representatives and abortion rights. I thought the author’s sarcasm contributed immensely to the hypocrisy at hand ultimately encouraging me to read more as the reader. I liked the timeliness of the article as well, as it’s a major issue for feminism locally as well as nationally, and a topic all should be informed about.”

Parklena found this to be really interesting: “A blog about sororities and how a feminist discovers there are myths about sororities that need to be taken down.”


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