The Help & The Whistleblower

I thought to add a short draft because I am a bit rusty after a long summer hiatus.  I’ve also been on a hiatus when it comes to feminism.  I don’t know if you can detach yourself from feminism– I guess it’s in our blood like blood in a born again Christian.  I took the hiatus just to a guess, get a brain break and let misogyny pass me by.  I’ll tell yeah, a semester in DC during a potential government shutdown over family planning- you would need a break too! However, in the weeks coming up to August 29th, feminism has slowly crept back into my life.  Whether Michelle Bachman is blaring in the background on Fox News while visiting homes of my family.  Or, just catching the latest or not so latest films out in theaters.

My reason for writing on these films is to critique I suppose a little and to give a brief synopsis in hoping you’ll see these films too. And if you have $8-10 bucks to spare along with time, go see them!

The Help

Based on the best-selling book, but really, what movie isn’t based on a book these days?  Newly out of college Skeeter heads back to Jackson, Mississippi with a freshly printed Journalism degree in seek of a job.  As she begins writing a domestic housekeeping column for the Jackson Journal with help from a black housemaid, she begins to see another story needs to be written.  The story of black housemaids living in the south during the 1960s in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement.

People, it was such a delightful, funny, yet tearful movie.  In studying gender as well as the Africana community, what a joy it was to see a movie showing the realities of an African American woman’s history, without sympathy or bigotry harping nearby.  If you want a better grasp of feminism and women’s lives- not in present day, not in white feminism terminology, and showing the interactions between white and black woman of those days- see this film.  And, if you just want to see an up-down emotional movie (which it truly is) then see it!

As for not such a light-hearted film, quite the contrary, really.

The Whisteblower

I just saw this today actually.  After seeing it, I came back to my house angry- not sure why.  Well, I guess I know why…  Kathryn Bolkovac, a Nebraska police officer turned Bosnian international peacekeeper becomes head of gender affairs and sees the hushed realities of sex trafficking.  Every one is in on it, meaning there is no way in stopping it.  This film people, a bit much to handle so if you have bad gag reflexes or want to keep your innocent eyes innocent, suck it up and see the film.  Though I have studied sex trafficking in-depth, this film was still thought-provoking.  Not the best it could have been, but good enough.  If you don’t know much about sex trafficking, if I were you, I would definitely study up on it.  Then go see this film to see how this whole beast works.  And what an ugly beast it is.

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