ShoutOut! On Hiatus for the Summer… Because Even Feminists Enjoy Vacations

Well, dear readers, it’s that time of year again. Time to load up on caffeine, find a spot at the library, and bid your sleep schedule a fond farewell. That’s right, here at JMU finals week is upon us, and with its onset comes the end of another fantastic semester here at ShoutOut! JMU.

With an average of 300 views per day, and around 30,000 total views for the blog, this semester has generated more ideas and discussion than ever before, and all of us here at ShoutOut thank you for your continued readership. But fear not, lovely readers, because ShoutOut will be back in the fall, with both new and old writers, fresh ideas, and more of the feminist discourse you’ve come to expect.

Of course, the blog being on hiatus doesn’t mean the need for discourse is over; be sure to check back with us periodically to see if any new posts have popped up, and keep yourself in the conversation. In the meantime, the writers and I will be on the beach, our leg hair wafting in the breeze, cooking hot dogs over bonfires made out of bras…

Until next time, this is BlondeRedhead, wishing you good luck on finals and a safe, fun, feminist-y summer!

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