Totally Awesome Woman: Nancy Lieberman

So as my roommate and I flipped through the channels for anything quality to watch at the dinner hour, we had to make an important decision:

Food Network with Paula Dean orrrrr… a CBS special on Nancy Lieberman.

Well, as you can imagine we chose Nancy, because how often do you see a whole hour’s worth of tv being devoted to recognizing the life of a female athlete? For those of you who don’t know, Lieberman was both the oldest and oldest woman to play in the WNBA. What I mean by the first oldest is that she entered the league when it was first formed at the age of 39, setting a record. Then, she beat her own record after she retired from playing and then decided to come out of retirement at the age of fifty, that’s right–I said it, to play one more game at the professional level. During her career she also was drafted to play on a professional men’s team (the first and only woman to have done so) with the Washington Generals.

She played as an Olympian and won a Silver Medal, and coached WNBA teams and was the first woman-coach of a professional men’s basketball team: the Texas Legends. This is where she currently resides. Awesome, right?

Well, with every star there is some controversy as well. Apparently she might be a lesbian… so her worth as an athlete and a leader are up for debate. Not to mention a few anti-semetic remarks thrown her way early in her career. Despite all that stupidity, thank you Nancy Lieberman for being so great!

2 thoughts on “Totally Awesome Woman: Nancy Lieberman

  1. I am a Nancy Lieberman fan and a Washington Generals fan and wanted to say that while Nancy was recorded as the first woman to be drafted with a mens professional team, it was not the Washington Generals.

    She was the first (and as far as I know only) woman to play for the Washington Generals but by the time she joined the generals the Globetrotters, who obviously play in the same league (a league of two), had a woman’s player for around a year.


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