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Just Another Manic Monday…

Well I was listening to this awesome 80s hit in my car on my eight hour drive from Ohio and came across these lyrics:

Have to catch an early train

Gotta be to work by nine

And if I had an aeroplane

I still wouldn’t make it on time

‘Cause it takes me so long

Just to figure out what I’m going to wear.

Which led me to ponder getting ready over the remaining  five hours. With the amount of times I’ve heard from men and women across the board say, “why do women take so long to get ready?”, or “women spend so much more on clothes than guys do!” will begin to stick in someone’s psyche.

I was talking to a guy friend on this issue once, and he said he doesn’t have any qualms with his girlfriend taking a bit longer to get ready… I asked him why, and he said the most wonderful thing I had heard come out of a man’s mouth in a while. Something along the lines of, “well, I figure girls are expected to look nicer than guys are, I can’t blame her for feeling that pressure even if I don’t put it on her.”

There’s no doubt that this is true, but in the UK things have gotten different. According to multiple newspapers, as of 2010, British men spend longer getting ready to go out than women. “The shock study of 3,000 people showed on average men dedicate 83 minutes of each day to their personal grooming, including cleansing, toning and moisturising, shaving, styling hair and choosing clothes. In contrast, women have their beauty regime down to a fine art, and manage to get hair, clothes and make up done in just 79 minutes each day. However, the survey, conducted for drug store Superdrug, also found men spent £302.64 ($539) less on grooming products than women over the course of a year.”

This is unsurprising, check out any cosmetics section, men’s deodorant, shampoo, and razor products are cheaper than women’s. I did some research when I was in Ross the other day, and just walking from the Men’s belt section to the women’s belt section was telling. Women pay more for lower quality belts. I compared leather belts put out by the same company, the men’s belt was wider (more leather) and the buckle was much fancier (it rotated 360 so you could use the brown and black sides of the belt). The woman’s belt was thinner, and their idea of a reversible belt buckle was attaching the prong that goes into the hole loose enough that you could push it diagonally through the buckle. The men’s belt was $12.00 and the women’s was $16.00. And the men’s belt is too wide to fit in women’s belt loops, so buying the men’s belt wasn’t an option!

I for one am frustrated by these notions. The same holds true for underwear. When I went to the Walmart’s website and looked to compare categories, men’s was called “underwear” and women’s was called “intimates”. Telling about what we think about sexuality, eh?  But looking closer, a 7-pack of Hanes’ men’s plain white briefs was 11.00, and a 3-pack of Hanes’ women’s plain white low-rise brief panties was 6.00. That equates to $1.57/undie for guys, and $2.00/undie for girls. Now, forty three cents doesn’t seem like a whole lot now, but in the long run, think how much more money women are investing in the same types of clothing!

What other apparel-induced injustices have you all come across?

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