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Boobs, Husbands, and Noses, Oh My

Airs 2 days after Thanksgiving, Lovely.

Bridalplasty, a new reality show on E! airing tomorrow, November 28th.  Where women compete with other women for plastic surgeries and for their dream wedding.  If the shows Bad Girls Club and Dr. 90210 had a baby, Bridalplasty would be its child.

One scene has Dr. (Dubrow or Durbow) marks one contestant’s body of where he believes she should have surgery.  Marks which covered her entire body except her ears.  One prize 4 women receive are injectables for their lips.  As each woman wins a match, she gets another body part worked on.

Supposedly, American women only strive in life to have the perfect external body, well, at least those 12 contestants do and represent all American women.  Yeah, they have a man to marry, but we need to completely change our appearance in order to have a fulfilled life with that man.  But he doesn’t need to change a damn thing.

Jimmy Kimmel has some words and laughs on the matter: 

This goes along with all of the television shows whose purpose is for decorating, wardrobe, or plastic surgery, weight loss.  It’s a bullshit industry that makes billions upon billions of dollars.  Not to mention the magazine and advertisement industries.

You know what,  I hoped you all enjoyed your turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie last Thursday.  And I hope a month from now you do the same during Christmas, eat prime rib, ham, mac and cheese, and cake.  Enjoy yourself, enjoy your body, enjoy the people you are with.

Enjoy eating without worries.  Easier said then done, I know.  But this industry must change.  We continue to bitch about these shows, but every time we bitch, a new show like Bridalplasty appears.  Eating disorders have sky-rocketed, sucidies have been attempted due to lack of self-confidence, and now you will have women sit at home watching this show hoping maybe one day they could receive such surgeries.  Why?  Why do we need to undergo so much pain in order to please patriarchy.  Why do we need to alter ourselves.  Patriarchy has gone too far.

The same thing goes for the Fashion Police shows on E! with Joan Rivers.  Have you seen Joan River?!!  Holy shit.  Is that what we all want to aspire to when we hit 70?  I’d rather have wrinkles then an oversized porcelain doll where a Caucasian became an Asian.  You have stars themselves who have struggled with eating disorders and appearances causing them to attempt suicides, such as Joan Rivers herself, who still complains about others appearances.

These shows are sad.

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