All Girl Acappella! Note-Oreity!

Looking for sisterhood but not interested in a sorority? Martha Layman is the musical director the all women’s acappella group Note-Oreity. If you haven’t seen them perform before I’d be surprised. The girls do a variety of events outside of their usual one or two gigs a week like the recent show “Through the Eyes of a Woman”.

The group has been around since 1998 and was actually the first girls acappella group at JMU. So, what is it that sets these girls apart from the other acappella groups? Martha admitted that they were the “girly” group with pink being their favorite color. I asked exactly how this “girliness” was incorporated in their group, and I was quite surprised at the answer. These girls are very close and apparently even have their own girly lingo. SPT was short for sparkle party top. PBJ was pink black jeans, and my favorite of all was the PPD, which stands for pink panty droppers. No worries it’s just a drink! One that I think I might need to try. The girls are very close knit, which was very evident before their practice. Even though I was interviewing Martha several of the girls contributed giving me a hint of the sisterhood these girls shared. It seemed to me they were more like family than just friends. A lot of inside jokes were shared. Throughout the interview I noticed the girls getting distracted and the hallway was filled with chatter and giggling. I could feel the closeness between them just from the way they sat and talked with each other. It kind of reminded me of my sister and I. The girls even go on sister dates. Each week once a week the girls go out on some sort of even together whether it be dinner, a movie, or just coffee. Martha explained that they are all concerned about each other. Of all the groups I have visited this semester, this one really hit home. It almost seemed a little more like a sorority than an acappella group. I suppose my preconceived notion was something more serious, and I kind of envisioned the girls just get ready to sing. I did not realize how strong of a relationship they would have by being part of a program like this. The comradery was very refreshing.

Their music style is more pop and mainstream, and anyone can try out! Most of the members currently aren’t even music majors. Every third week of each semester girls can try out. It almost works like a sorority in that girls will try out for many acappella groups and may accept or deny who picks them. Their max is fifteen girls, but they generally stick to thirteen or fourteen.

Martha’s final comment was, “We love music, and we love each other!” So if you’re looking to get more involved in school, use that singing voice, make some new sisters, or even just enjoy the music of Note-Oreity check out their website.

or follow them on myspace, facebook, and twitter!

ALSO DON’T FORGET!!!! Their final concerts will be in Grafton Sunday April 25th and DON’T FORGET TO GRAB THEIR NEW CD!!!

~Freida Frye~

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