The Working Woman

The scope of a woman’s role in most cultures, surrounds her femininity. She is seen as a symbol of motherhood, nature, fertility, and the like, while the man is often attributed with inherent machismo and titles like, “breadwinner”, even if these roles are not so. In recent years and months, issues surrounding women in the […]

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Hyper-masculinity in Society

This past Tuesday I was given the awesome opportunity to see a documentary called “The Mask You Live In“.This documentary was absolutely amazing and put into perspective just how impactful having the gender norms our society is structured around can affect male’s of all ages. They brought up an amazing point really on in the […]

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Waging the Gap

The scope of feminist issues is a constantly growing area. While most of our fight for equal rights generates a lot of thoughts like “Why is this something we even need to fight for?” the most questionable motion for change, to me, is the wage gap. For those who don’t know, the wage gap is […]

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