Is Charlie Brown Racist?

Why is it when racism is brought up non-people of color find ways to suggest racism does not exist, granted it might not be in America’s favorite childhood show, but it does exist and the narrative needs to be changed when it is brought up. 

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Weighting For Change, Part One

Sitting on my parent’s bed watching Entertainment Tonight with my mom I rejoiced in correctly guessing the mystery Star Birthday of the night. Impressed, my mom asked how I knew, and I proudly explained there was a repeating pattern between the three choices that went backwards starting at three. She clapped for me as I […]

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Why I Love HBO’s Girls

*Explicit, frank discussion of sex below* Hey readers! I hope everyone is still enjoying their summer. If you’re anything like me, you’re spending your free time watching absurd amounts of tv with your cats  having fabulous adventures. Even if it’s just vicariously through your favorite characters. One of my favorite new shows is Lena Dunham’s […]

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