For the purpose of this article, I anonymously surveyed 30 participants ranging in age from 18-25. All quotes used in this piece are from the anonymous survey.  As a child, Halloween was the most liberating and exciting night of the year. I simply was obsessed. Playing dress up was part of my everyday life as […]


My Costume is NOT Consent

When I was a kid, I loved Halloween. There was nothing better than getting dressed up and going trick or treating with all of the kids in my neighborhood. Even after I got too old for trick or treating, I still loved spending hours creating my own costumes and going to Halloween parties with friends. […]

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Dear JMU: It’s costume time!!!

The leaves are changing colors, the temperature is dropping fast, and everything is pumpkin flavored. Halloween is in the air. I know you’re a procrastinator. You haven’t decided on a costume yet. You’ve been flipping through Buzzfeed articles and the 1000+ Pinterest ideas to find the perfect one. Well, look no further. I have some […]

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Our Culture is Not a Costume

Halloween season is upon us and, as most college students know, it’s time to go wild for a weekend. Whether you are going out to party, going to a haunted house, or doing any of the other multitudes of activities there are on Halloween, you have to have an awesome costume. While most people will go as a […]

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Sluts on Halloween: The Virgin-Whore Dichotomy

Virgin-whore dichotomy:  It’s an old, run-of-the-mill, jargon-y term used quite frequently among feminists with intense lexicons.  It’s defined pretty well in Stephanie Stroud’s post on cultural stereotypes on Miss Representation:  “The virgin-whore dichotomy…details that women fit neatly into the role of either an innocent, passive, selfless good girl or a hedonistic, morally-void, sensual bad girl. Unsurprisingly, these roles do […]

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The Sexualization of Halloween

So, because I’m a horrible student and push off all of my work until the last minute, I was not free to enjoy any Halloween festivities last night. Instead, I spent the evening reading an 18th century British play, studying for an econ midterm, and reminiscing on better spent Halloween’s past. While doing such reminiscing, […]

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