Connecting with a Character

When you sit down to play a new game, that has garnered a lot of attention and accolades there is a lot of excitement and anticipation for that title screen to first greet your eyes. As I got older a lot of the excitement and anticipation for new games has dwindled, I kept asking the […]

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Is She Chill?

“Yeah, she can hang. She’s chill.” I’ve heard this phrase used over and over again towards me and other girls. And chill means… what exactly? Starting in high school but continuing through college, I’ve noticed people using the word “chill” (or sometimes cool) to describe a certain unique something that apparently means someone is “okay” […]

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Women of Downton Kick Ass

I am hooked on Downton Abbey. It’s a British television series that follows noble family, and their servants, who struggle to navigate the changing norms of society during the early 1900’s. Not only is this series remarkably entertaining because of its plot twists and seemingly endless drama, it is also an unexpected feminist pleasure. Downton Abbey explores […]

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Feminism Is About Men

I know what you are thinking; you could not have possibly read that correctly because there is absolutely no way I just stated that feminism is about men.  Even as I wrote the statement that tiny little feminist inside me shouted to the heavens asking how I could take this one thing away from women.  […]

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Totally Awesome Women

This Totally Awesome Woman is not your average army wife.  She’s been known to cross-dress and she’s not afraid to skip the hair and makeup routine.   Can you guess this year’s first Totally Awesome Woman?

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