Fat-Shaming vs. Skinny-Shaming

So often do we call people out for what is known as fat-shaming, the act of bullying someone because they are considered overweight or obese. But do you ever stop and notice all of the skinny-shaming that happens? What is it that makes skinny-shaming seem okay but fat-shaming not?  As a girl with a slightly […]

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Enough is Enough.

Hi readers. This is just a small short warning that this post is going to be very heated so if you do not want to see controversy, I suggest you stop reading. If you dare stay-hold on one second- I am climbing up onto my soap box. For those of you who stayed, you may […]

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Body Positivity: NYC Fashion Week

First off, let me tell you that I’m typically considered a small girl, coming in strong at five feet tall, and about 130lbs. However, I struggle with my body, my appearance – basically everything about myself on a daily basis. Especially within the past year or so, weight has been something that has seemed to […]

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A shirt called feminist

This exact story was sent out through ShoutOut! JMU as a quick hit, but I feel like it deserves a bit more attention. Let’s go back to our middle school days. These days school was long, acne was emerging, and bullies were at their peak. However, middle school is around the time that we tend […]

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Get Hip to Art and Feminism

My love of art has grown over the years because it can be political, moving and simply stunning. But, I fell love when I saw underlying feminist messages. I want to share my favorite feminist artist and maybe they will give you perspective too. Frida Kahlo (yes, Frida Kahlo, I do not care how clique it […]

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Girls Can Be Smart AND Pretty!

My cousin just turned twelve, which terrifies me because the age of the “tween” is when everything is awkward and everyone is pressuring you to be someone you are not. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, her list revolved around clothes and makeup. I offered up some alternatives because I was […]

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Beauty and Sexuality Pt.1

Happy Sunday Readers! This past week I read Naomi Wolfe’s, profound novel, The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women, originally published in 1991.  The novel explores a theory coined by Wolfe as the “beauty myth”. This theory encompasses the idea that while women possess greater economic and societal power than their […]

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