Finding your power in relationships

The word “codependency” refers to an individual being emotionally and/or psychologically reliant on their partner. These kinds of codependent relationships are more common than one would think and not every individual can realize they’re in one. As a feminist, the main focus is on finding individual power and being true to one’s self. This blog […]

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Let’s Talk About Sex(uality)!

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk about sex… Sexuality that is. Sexuality has become a more mainstream topic after the Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges that legalized same-sex marriage. I wanted to talk about my experience with sexuality, both in my personal and romantic life. This is just my personal experience with sexuality, […]

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My Feminist Journey begins here

What is Feminism? What is a Feminist? Four weeks ago, if you would have asked me “What is feminism?” or “What is a feminst?” I wouldn’t have had an answer, or if I did manage to give you an answer, it sadly would have been an ignorant one.  Before taking this feminist blogging course, I […]

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