Tweets, Snap Stories, Sex Crimes?!

Celebrity nude leaks, sex tape scandals, revenge porn, oh my! We hear about or see these things being publicized and we have a knee-jerk reaction that tells us there’s something not okay about this. If we’re a little more informed about consent and digital media, then we know that these aren’t just mere invasions of […]

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Sex: Are you Positive?

I was first introduced to the idea of “sex positivity” when I stumbled upon the YouTube channel of the one and only Laci Green. If you haven’t already been exposed to the wonder that is Miss Green, then you should definitely do so after you finish reading. I apologize in advance for how obsessed you […]

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Listen Up, Under Armour

The issue with so many misogynistic aspects of our society is that they can seem so completely normal at first. Until we take a closer look at our behaviors and the messages we are receiving, we often don’t noticed the ways that these actions can inherently hurt women. However, once you know to be more […]

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Feminist movie night, anyone?

If I had to pick any one major media source to consume for feminist information, it would definitely have to be documentaries. There’s something so satisfying about a well-produced compilation of 90 minutes of material that leaves you reeling and thinking for days. In the wake of a week filled with appreciation for this year’s […]

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With the highly anticipated release of the 50 Shade of Grey film only a week away everyone is either making plans to see it, had their tickets purchased 3 months in advance, or viciously rejecting even the idea of having to see a second of this film. It seems as if everyone holds some sort […]

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