Gender: Womb to Tomb

Gender is such fluid and complex social construction. The gender socialization process begins before a person is even born and plays such a large role in their development. Gender has absolutely nothing to do with ones biological anatomy yet, socially, sex defines gender which in turn assumes everyone’s attracted to the opposite sex because our […]

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The Beyoncé Bowl 2013

Baltimore Ravens — 34 San Francisco 49ers — 31 Beyoncé — 10,000,000….hands down stole the night. Beyoncé is a female musical icon and she was literally so hot that she blew a fuse in the Superdome.             This being said…I decided to write today’s post about the halftime show when a friend of mine read […]

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Sociological Enlightenment and My Path to Feminism

Enlightenment within the Buddhist philosophy is defined as “attainment of spiritual knowledge or insight which frees a person from the cycle of rebirth.”  Isn’t that just beautiful?  Looking at enlightenment from this perspective truly makes me believe that, through sociological mindfulness and feminist thought, there is a possibility of dismantling all the forms of social […]

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