What a Vlogger: Tyrannosauruslexx

Lexi, aka Tyrannosauruslexx, is a twenty-three year old video blogger who lives in London. She’s been doing this for a while, so she’s around 119,000 subscribers for her “Tyrannosauruslexx” channel. She used to have a channel dedicated just to makeup and hair tutorials called “Girlyashell,” until she decided that she wanted to branch out and […]

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Are You a Game Changer?

Essena O’Neill was a social media star. The young Australian model had down to a science what most girls try to convey in their photos: the perfect body, life, clothing, hair, etc. You know those pictures that we spend hours trying to capture on the beach to show how perfect our vacation was? That was […]

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America, We Salute You.

RAP week, formerly known as the Ranger Assessment Phase, is something that about only 40% of students makes it through. It includes everything from over 10-mile road marches, to struggling through water survival tests. This past April, Ranger School became open to women for the very first time. In order for this to happen, the […]

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Self Care 101

Being a college student, life gets a little rough sometimes. As all of us know, midterms are the literal definition of a hell week. You wakeup feeling like you just got run over by a truck, even though you haven’t rolled off your mattress. Sometimes, it all just seems like too much. I actually just […]

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Demi Tackles Body Image with VanityFair

Just a few days ago, Demi Lovato released pictures from her most recent photo shoot with VanityFair for her new album. Her only restrictions for the shoot were – no clothing, no makeup, and no retouching whatsoever. The results from her photographer Patrick Ecclesine were absolutely unbelievable. The shoot, being named CONFIDENT after her highly anticipated […]

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