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dontforgettheclit logo.jpg@dontforgettheclit – Editor Fall 2018

“Always be gentle,” I was always told. But then, I found a passion for personal growth and leadership, and I was no longer able to make those two characteristics a priority. Even more than those, I want to be strong, intelligen

t, witty, and a boss. Who’s to tell me I can’t be all of those things? I’m a senior in the School of Communication Studies here at JMU. I’m passionate about constructive dialogue, so throw it at me – can’t wait to talk with you all! (Previously @ GirlBoss)


@TheCacklingBitch – Social Media DirectorScreen Shot 2018-09-24 at 4.38.49 PM.png

Hey everyone! I’m a senior Communication Studies major here at JMU.  When I’m not studying I can be found dismantling the patriarchy, watching The Office, or spending time with my cats. I’ll be working mostly as the social media director for this semester, so I won’t be blogging as much as everyone else.  Watch out for some hot feminist discourse coming your way this Fall 2018!


@alwaysovaryactingScreen Shot 2018-09-24 at 4.37.47 PM.png

@alwaysovaryacting is a senior Communication Studies major ready to pun-ch their way into the world. Full of puns and laughs, this blogger is not playing any games. From tackling problems in society ranging from the silencing of marginalized groups to topics of inequality both within and amongst populations. There is no wall too high for this blogger, period. In their free time, they like to read, write poems, tell puns, drive thirty minutes to Staunton for Baskin Robbin’s rainbow sherbet and watch the sunsets in the Shenandoah Valley. Now without further ado, let the Blogs Begin!




“Though she be but little she is fierce.” William Shakespeare. Hey y’all! It’s @FerociousFem here. I am a senior Health Sciences major with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. You can catch me around campus in multiple

social justice positions, at home or in Rose Library. Some of my favorite things to do when I’m not doing classwork is between hanging with my friends and watching Netflix by myself.  My main focus is intersectional feminism and as a black woman

on a predominantly white institution I will do my best to bring you all a bit of insight.

My viewpoint may differ from the majority of the population, but I hope you will still join me on this femtastical journey!


@notlikeothergirls2Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 7.37.53 PM.png

Hey readers! I am @notlikeothergirls, inspired by that one time I ordered a beer while out with my friends. I am a senior Communication Studies major, focusing on health communication and advocacy as well as minoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I am very passionate about the intersections of healthcare and feminism, and one of my objectives in life is to help

reform the way public schools teach sexual education in their classrooms. Oh yeah and I’m also hard of hearing with a tendency of going deaf in the middle of the day because I’ve forgotten to pack extra batteries for my cochlear implant. So excited to share my perspectives with you all this semester!





Sassy, Feminine, and obsessed with pink? No, I’m not describing Elle Woods. I’m @poisedinpink a senior English major with a minor in Creative Writing. I may adore dresses and swoon over rom-coms but this blogger believes us “girly girls” can still be bold and speak our minds! I’ll be tackling issues that affect women in the media, as well as bringing attention to rising problems in our society, such as sexual assault on college campuses. So yes there may be a fuzzy pink pen involved, but that doesn’t mean I won’t fight for what I believe in- because I believe girls can still be courageous and headstrong while wearing pink.



Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 4.40.27 PM.png

“We are the Granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn” Ayeoo! I’m a senior at JMU and go by the handle @riotgrrllll, although the riotgrrl movement took place in the 1990s I choose to identify with the movement because of it’s punk rock/ indie style not only in music but in their overall aesthetic. I am an intersectional feminist who joined the revolution to fight for equality for everyone regardless of gender/sexuality/race/class/ and ability. I am super stoked to be able to share my opinions and views this semester. Stay tuned!




Hi! I’m a female JMU student who is an Advocacy Communications studies major and an Environmental studies minor. I enjoy eating popcorn and having marathons on Netflix, eating all the potatoes, playing volleyball, and hanging with my friends (only the ones who have dogs). Sometimes I also have dinosaur hands, but only when I’m cold. All jokes aside, through my experiences and writing, as someone who doesn’t have too much background or engagement with feminism, I hope that my journey of learning more and going through it will create an interesting perspective for others in the same position. In summary, I’m just trying to be my own wind keeper. Remember kids, as Rachel from Friends says: you can’t grow if you don’t blow.


SJS Logo



SJS (they/them) is a senior Communication Studies major with a minor in Women’s , Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Their blog will mainly focus on intersectional identities; specifically mental health, queer, and NB POC. They plan on giving a perspective that combines social, political, and academic views to create blogs that encompass their thoughts and passions. Check out their previous posts! When they’re not working, crying of stress, studying, or in class, they’re probably doing some sort of yarn craft or binge watching the great british baking show or the office–again. They’re excited to come back to ShoutOut! for another amazing semester of feminist perspectives!


Previous Bloggers:


Well hey there! I’m Olivia- aka lucilleontheball. Let me begin by saying that my all-time favorite T.V. show is “I love Lucy”. Home girl has been fighting the patriarchy from the inside since 1951! Other things to know about me? I am a senior Communication Studies major with a concentration in Health and minors in Women and Gender Studies and Writing Rhetoric and Technical Communication. I also enjoy spending time competing with the University’s speech team where I get inspiration from students all over the country who cover issues such as race, gender, religion, and social injustices. I’m incredibly excited to be serving as Editor for the ShoutOut crew this semester and can’t wait to spread some feminist food for thought!


Hey hey! I’m a senior Media Arts and Design major with a Film Studies minor and you can catch me working on screenplays, watching LOST, or chilling with a bowl of popcorn contemplating the complicated and intricate details of the human existence. As a soon-to-be graduate, I aspire to be the kind of woman and person that changes history, someone I can be proud of. First on my list of to-dos: expose and destroy the patriarchy. Baby steps!

Hey, I’m Emily! After years of being called an SJW, I decided to embrace the name and the culture. I am active within JMU Feminist Collective and other social justice organizations on and off campus. Intersectionality is important to me, so I am constantly trying to increase my breadth of knowledge as well as depth. Social media is kinda my thing, so watch out for some fire blog posts and Tweets.
Femme Fatale-2@FemmeFatale

Hey all! I’m your local Femme Fatale and here are just a few things about me- I’m a sophomore studying Media Arts and Design with a minor in Studio Art and Human Resources Development. If I care about something, I am incredibly passionate about it. So, here I am contributing to this kickass feminist discourse blog because I am extremely passionate about making a change when it comes to the battle for our basic human rights. I am a firm believer in keeping your actions aligned with your behavior, so I hope as the year progresses I can help inform and promote inclusivity.

SheFire  @SheFire

Film and Media lover, Theatre Major and Communications Minor and extremely excited to share not only my point of view but others as well and learn from them. I am very interested in the topics of feminism, sexism, gender roles in society, and non-binary and transgender experiences. I spend a lot of time studying theatrical scripts and performances and the ways they address these topics in society and look forward to blending the two, to write some gripping work. I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I’ve been described as a spitfire (hence the name.)



Hi friends, I am a junior Psychology major with a WGS minor. I’m here for feminism, intersectionality, dogs, and tea. My interests lie in LGBTQ+ issues, social constructs, and conversations in our current social climate. I hope to be able to express my passions to you and in turn, start a conversation.


Hello, Girl On Fire (like the Alicia Keys song) here. I am a junior majoring in cultural communications. I am extremely excited to start sharing my views and also to continue learning more about feminism and intersectionality. I hope my writing brings attention and awareness to injustices in the world. Some of my interests are scrolling through social media, making a big pot of coffee, and finding new music to listen to. I am also extremely excited to share my ideas with you and learn as much as I can from Shout Out!


How’s it hanging my dudes?! I’m Hells Bells and am a junior majoring in Communications and minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. I was born and raised in the Bay Area in California and moved to Atlanta, Georgia in the summer of 2016. You can catch me lifting in the gym (cause cardio, ew), in a yoga class, doing art, sleeping, or on an adventure with friends. I’ve got 6 small tattoos and 10 piercings (maybe more to come, who knows? Sorry mom). If you know me, then hey homie. If not, hey new homie. I’m here to make some noise about the serious issues affecting our society today. I do not classify myself as the stereotypical “feminist.” Instead, I see myself as more of a humanist. There is a stigma against the word “feminist” and I would like to try and reform that idea. We are not all man-haters, whiners, or overly dramatic. Ask any of my friends, I’m the “dude” of the group. If you see a chick at a party in sweatpants or a girl blasting $uicideBoy$ or alt-J while driving, that’s probably me. I prefer to approach sensitive topics by listening to differing opinions, doing proper research, and then trusting my intuition. In no way does this mean I “care less” about today’s serious issues because I have a more chill approach. I have an incredible drive to keep these critical conversations alive and to cause some serious change. I began to identify as a feminist when I was very young, due to the influence of the strong women in my family as well as the open minded and diverse area I grew up in. The match that truly lit my feminist flame came from a terribly traumatic violation of my body, mind, and innocence. Ever since then, my drive to speak out, wake the world up, and cause change has been through the roof. So that’s a lil snippet of who I am and what I’m about. I’m stoked to be a part of ShoutOut and can’t wait to get the ball rolling. Hang loose and rock on.


Hey Guys! I am a junior Justice Studies and Communications Double Major fired up against social injustices and other toupee wearing Cheetos. I love music, dance outbreaks, Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches and binge-watching MTV Classics. I don’t tolerate “no mess” but I’m a true southern sweetheart. When I was younger, feminism was presented to me as white women working to promote the equality of rights for women. However none of those women looked like me, and as I grew older I soon found that “their” equality was not for all women. I define myself as an intersectionalist feminist working for the equality of all genders, races, sexual orientation, socioeconomic income and faith. I think the first part in demanding equality for all women, is first accepting every woman. I’m excited to shake things up, until then… #StayWoke!

HeroineAddict, Co-Editor Spring 2017

Hi everyone! HeroineAddict here. Just a little about me- I’m a senior studying WRTC and minoring in WGS and English. I love dad jokes, dogs, and kick-ass women who inspire kick-ass qualities in other women (hence the whole “heroine” addict name). I’m so looking forward to finishing off my final year here as part of such a wide-reaching platform, and I’m hoping everyone can find something on here that resonates with them, or even just gets them thinking.

BoobsRadley, Co-Editor Spring 2017

Hey hey folks! I’m BoobsRadley and I’m a senior here at JMU majoring in WRTC and minoring in Humanitarian Affairs! I am so honored to be able to finish out my JMU career as co-editor! My values lie in exploring how we can realize the concepts of inclusivity, equity, equality, justice, education, and opportunity. I hope to be able to use my skills as a writer and my passion for creating a sustainable future to work toward an America that is in line with my values. In my very limited spare time, you can find me chugging iced coffee, tagging my friends in memes on Facebook, binge-watching my latests obsessions Empire and Masters of Sex, laughing at my own terrible jokes, or daydreaming about mac ‘n’ cheese.

SassyYazzy, Co-Editor Spring 2017

Hey what’s up hello friends! I’m Yasmine, a senior writing, rhetoric and technical communications major. I am ecstatic to be back with the ShoutOut! crew, finishing off my last semester at JMU as a co-editor with the lovely HeroineAddict and BoobsRadley. I have learned a lot about feminism from my time as a blogger, and I have been able to shape my feminist views and voice since. I am eager to learn more from both the bloggers and the readers and continue the feminist dialogue. I strive to promote inclusivity of all intersections with my writing, and to give a voice to those who feel they may not have one. I am passionate about writing because I’m able to meet so many new people and tell their stories. I hope to begin my career as a fashion journalist after college. During the school year I write for Her Campus JMU, The Breeze, and Port & Main, while also participating in clubs such as SafeRides and Muslim Student Association. But most of the time you can find me curled up on my couch binge watching Law and Order: SVU or Shameless…


Hi there! I’m a senior Religion major with a WGS minor and I love wolves. They’re fierce and an important part of every environment they’re in, things I aspire to be. I’m a nerd and love having discussions about religion and feminism, especially when it’s one discussion about both. Some of my favorite things are religion and women, ecofeminism, and volunteerism/service. In my free time you can find me watching Netflix, writing in my journal while listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, hiking, attempting to get in shape before entering the Peace Corps after graduation, or playing with my roommate’s cat.


I am a senior WRTC major with a Cultural Communication minor, who believes that compassion and justice can make great changes in the world. I have a soft spot in my heart for all animals. I waste my time buying stickers, eating too much candy, marathonning shows, and reading. My goal as a writer is to sever old trains of thought for the constant awakening of our subconscious, to promote understanding and awareness . That does not mean that I want to change your mind or convince you to see the world a different way – rather, I want to have you listen and reflect on what I say, and just think about it. Thinking is the best thing we humans can do after all!


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a young woman was awakened by the feminist force within. Now, entering into her junior year, she has decided to continue her mission of slaying the Dark Side (aka the Patriarchy) by becoming a ShoutOut! Blogger. This courageous Light Sider is a SMAD/Independent Scholars double major with minors in Creative Writing, Music Industry and Women’s and Gender Studies. Along with taking at least thirty credits a semester and banning sleep from her routine, she enjoys writing parody political sketches, petting dogs and shouting “Matriarchy rising like a loaf of warm bread!” from the highest of heights. The feminist force is strong with this one, taking the form of interests in women and minorities in entertainment, women and religion and the connection between womanhood and nature. When she isn’t wielding her lightsaber in the face of oppression, this powerful Jedi master can be found with a strong cup of matriarchtea, reading feminist literature in preparation for a Saturday night out.


TheBearKnightReturns, also known as Armin, is a junior Political Science major with a minor in Creative writing who views intersectional feminism as one of the key ingredients to necessary societal revolution. He plans to explore feminism in art, the media and politics, as well as relationships between the genders and how we may be able to reach an understanding and/or possible reconciliation among these different sects of humanity. When he is not fighting the establishment or worshipping the sun, Armin can be seen reviewing the latest cinema in his blog “HereForTheGasoline,” watching in-ordinate amounts of anime and Italian Neo-Realism, lighting jasmine candles in front of pictures of Junot Diaz, and questing for the perfect chocolate martini.


I am junior studying Health Communication on a pre-veterinary track. On my free time, you may find me riding horses, petting cats, or binge watching millions of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, The Fosters, or One Tree Hill. I love to travel, and I’ve visited France, the Netherlands, Italy, and Switzerland. I am very interested in gender inequality in the workplace. I hope my writing brings more awareness to to the issue. This blog is super cool and I hope my writing will help make an impact!


I’m just over here tryna live. I have a passion for crocheting, feminism, foods, and social justice for me and all my friends. If you like my posts, leave a comment. If you don’t, constructive criticism is always nice. I love learning about all facets of life, and hope to explore more on my journey as a blogger.


Hello humans of the Earth! I’ve spent the last three and a half years at JMU typing and scribbling away as a Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication major. Last year, I started a second major in Industrial Design, and began to see the world as a venue for creation. This combined field of vision allows me to see the power in what we say and the things we do, and reminds me how much of my world is mediated by others. Now, more than ever, these things impact the precarious balance between freedom and oppression in our world. Let us not forget the “mighty woman with a torch” who stands to remind us that liberty is the power of choice and the state of being free. Let us all be like this mighty woman, and carry a torch of liberty!

Eternallyfeminist, Co-Editor Fall 2015 + Editor Spring 2016/Fall 2016

Hello I’m Bia (Bee-uh) / Eternallyfeminist! Spring 2015 was my first semester blogging  and I am now excited to explore ShoutOut! as Editor. I am currently a Communications Studies major (Advocacy Studies concentration) with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. I hope to use my degree to handle the social media and public image of nonprofits or women’s organizations. I am completely fascinated with internet activism specifically discussing race, gender, and various other intersections. I also love feminist poetry, contemporary art, binge watching Broad City, and discussing intersectionality with a glass of wine.



Hey party people, Littlefembot here. And while I am, indeed, little, I am a force to be reckoned with. I am a senior WRTC major, political science minor and an editor for The Breeze. I am a woman of many passions, but specialize in following Jesus, smashing the patriarchy and spreading a message of environmentalism/veganism. I drink a homemade smoothie almost every day, jog and hang out with my friends as much as possible. I date the most amazing (feminist) guy and happily devote a good chunk of my time to him as well. My favorite pastimes are writing, arguing, selfie-taking, munching on fruit and online shopping (and by online shopping I mean putting fifty items in my “cart” that I never actually intend to buy). Raised in a conservative, Christian home (the kind where “feminist” served as the proverbial “f-word”), I never thought feminism was for me. But then one day I woke up and realized that I am a woman. More than that, I’m a human. So of course feminism is for me. And I’m willing to bet it’s for you too. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or religion, we can all unite to create a better world – one in which no one is wrongfully discriminated against. Peace, mother-lovers.


“Hi everyone! LEMONADEmouth here. I love being a feminist, ever since I discovered what “it” was about a year ago. Which is one reason I am excited to be a part of ShoutOUT this year. I thoroughly look forward to being a part of this feminist community and the many things we will learn from each other. Just so you know a little bit about me: I love my great grandmothers Dutch Butter Cookies–oh yes, you would love them too because they are to die for! I love my moms homemade lasagna. I also love Jesus…no, NOT religion…JESUS–yes, there is a difference! I love encouraging people and making them feel that they are important, beautiful, necessary and able to accomplish what they set out to do. Lastly, I simply cannot stand stupidity and arrogance–sorry, not sorry, I had to say it. The truth at times is both bitter and sweet, is it not?


“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.” -Audre Lorde Hey there, this is wannabeaudre (after the great Audre Lorde)! I am senior here at JMU, communications major, and have a lot of thoughts on what’s going on here. This is my first semester writing for ShoutOut! I have passion for helping those whose voices are sometimes not heard. I hope for racial reconciliation. I care about people deeply. I hope to one day be advocating for the homeless and at-risk youth population. My favorite foods are tacos and burgers. I have a weird obsession with Elvis. My idol, besides Audre Lorde, is Tina Fey. the light of my life right now is my beta fish, Ernie, short for Ernest like Ernest Hemingway (my favorite author).


Ayyyy, it’s ya boy FemFarts. AKA farting feminist. Feminism comes out of me as naturally as farts. I am a senior Communication Studies major. I am very interested in topics of feminism that concern the actual nature of humanity. What about the nature humanity has perpetuated gender inequality, racism, and discrimination to take root. I am passionate about expelling injustice and uniting people in love and kindness. In my free time I enjoy snowboarding, surfing, hiking, drinking beer and being goofy. I am in love with my Subaru Outback named Willow and I really like a good pair of vans. I also have been told I do not emit body odor however I do fart feminism like it’s my job!


My name is Sarah (a.k.a. ProChoicePrincess). I am a senior at JMU majoring in English and minoring in both Creative Writing and Women’s and Gender Studies. Writing for ShoutOut! this semester will give me a platform for activism, and provide you viewers a weekly dose of Pro-Choice news. My obsessions include (but are not limited to): death, tofu, feminism, so-bad-they’re-good movies, Sims, zombies, and writing (especially poetry and memoir). After graduation, I would love to work at Planned Parenthood and work on getting my writing published.


Wassup Wassup! Ya girl is a Communications/Advocacy senior who’s really just a chronically overwhelmed gal fiercely interested in any and all topics related to feminism (aka everything).  Fascinated with every aspect of this beautifully nuanced, thriving movement that can’t stop won’t stop (and I can’t either).  Lover of Martin’s grocery trips, ginger candies, and ratty old flannels.  Pursuer of knowledge, snackage, and a decent curly hair product.


Hey hey hey! I am ~southernantibelle~ and I’m a Senior Communications major with a concentration in Advocacy Studies and a minor in Religious Studies. I’m passionate about issues surrounding gender, race relations, politics, and religious discrimination and I’m excited to connect those topics to pertinent issues surrounding feminism throughout the semester. I love hiking in the beautiful Shenandoah mountains, going camping with my friends, doing yoga, and reading. I’m a type-A, Aquarius with a serious artsy streak (~I love theatre, painting, and music festivals~). I want to travel around the world and inspire positive change in the process!!


Rosehasathorn, Co-Editor Fall 2015    

Hi everyone! This is Shannon, otherwise known as Rosehasathorn. I am a Communication studies major with a passion for all things social justice. I am so incredibly excited to be writing for ShoutOut! I have been a self-proclaimed feminist since my third grade teacher told me that my biggest aspiration in life should be finding a husband, which I cleverly replied with “eww boys have cooties.” Though my opinion of the second half of that statement has changed (mostly), I still to this day get openly opinionated by the first half. I work for the the LGBT&Ally Education Program, have been an Orientation Peer Advisor, and just finished an internship with Planned Parenthood Federation of America. So, these past few years have really given me some insight on just how important female empowerment and intersectionality is!


Hello! I’m a junior and justice studies major, and I am so excited to be blogging again this semester! I’m very involved and interested in queer and gender issues, and I cannot wait to be able to have an outlet of blogging about feminism. Even though I am not female, and will never know what it is like to be female, I still think my vision on equality for all is important, and I still consider myself a feminist. In my free time, I enjoy eating taco bell, watching Netflix, watching my pet plants, Esteban & Oliver, and spending time with my friends. When I’m not lounging around, I like to go for hikes, talk about power & privilege, and enjoying the rays of happiness radiating from my friends.


– In Da Club by 50 Cent music plays somewhere in the distance –

You could find me in the lab #distractinglysexy
or managing projects with talented creators
or chilling downtown, supporting good music
or on stage with an awesome group of singers

– music slowly fades out –

If there is something you are passionate about, the next step is to create and contribute your own work to that passion. That’s why I’m here for ShoutOut! I’m excited to learn and broaden my perspective about the world and the people on it through unapologetic, honest discussion.

As a wise woman once said, “What’s good?”

– mic drop –


Wassup wassup wassuuuuuup.  I’m Abby- aka figgyonfleek.  I am a junior Communication Studies major with an Interpersonal Comm concentration and Math minor (yes, math).  I am super excited to be in the Shoutout! crew this semester.  I’m super passionate about feminism, speaking my mind, pizza, children, math, and coffee (in no particular order).  Some other things that I think are rad are Sesame Street, literally every kind of cheese, Tumblr, superheroes, and videos/pictures of any baby animal ever (even sloths- THEY’RE CUTE).  I hope to bring some problems to light this semester, or at least brighten the light, while also learning along with you all from other bloggers.  Have a wicked semester and read on!  Peace out!


Hi there! I’m Anna/ riseandgrind! I am a current sophomore Communications major with a double minor in Women’s Gender Studies and Creative Writing. I am an avid book reader, Netflix watcher, cheesy anything-romantic fanatic/lover, and I drink about 5 cups of coffee a day. I’m incredibly obsessed with everything Disney, and love amusement parks almost as much as I love JMU.  As I am passionate about feminist discourse, I absolutely cannot wait to share my ideas and thoughts on ShoutOut with all of you and the JMU community!


Hey everyone! My Name is Shane Van Hoy I’m a junior Communications (Advocacy Studies concentration) and Justice Studies (on the Global Track) double major, with a minor in women and gender studies. I have a strong affiliation with all things social justice; especially when it comes to gender/queer/feminist issues. I am involved in both Madison Equality and the LGBT Ally Education Program here at JMU.I’m kind of all over the place as a writer, but mainly as a person. That involves me trying to make witty little jokes, and being angry. So you can definitely look forward to that. With all the sass comes some insightful things i like to think. But to each their own on what you think. ShoutOut is a great source to educate myself, and then bring forth my new-found knowledge to a wider audience. I like long walks on the beach, adventures to no where, and Netflix binges of course. I’m so excited to blog this semester, and i’m so excited for you to fly away with me on this adventure together (I know, lame, haha).


Hello Readers! I am a senior and very excited to be writing for y’all this semester. I am very happy to get to have an outlet to speak my mind freely. I consider myself a feminist and am an active member of JMU’s Greek Life. I feel that this blog will start a conversation about gender, sexual and overall equality. I enjoy watching Netflix, listening to music and snowboarding. My spirit animals include Frank Underwood from House of Cards and Tinky-Winky also known as the purple Teletubbie. \


Hello there, I’m theelephantintharoom. I’m a senior Psychology major with a Women’s and Gender Studies minor. I have been lucky enough to have amazing classes at JMU and hope to continue my education so I can one day have my own practice. This is my first semester blogging and I am super excited to be a part of the ShoutOut team. I am passionate about queer, gender, and race issues, along with many other subjects within intersectional feminism. In my free time I enjoy dancing, hanging out with friends, reading, baking, going to concerts, eating different types of food, chilling on the beach, and, of course, talking about feminism. I can’t wait to start this journey and I look forward to growing from this experience.


ChelleBelle, Editor Fall 2014 + Spring 2015

Well hello! I’m Michelle, a senior Communications major and American Studies minor. My concentration is Public Relations so I wanted to write for ShoutOut to get some practice in the blogging and social media world since I’m slightly technologically challenged. I am also a firm believer that if there is injustice taking place and you don’t speak up about it, you are just as much a part of the problem. I’ve recently realized that I feel too strongly to just sit back and hope that equality happens so I’m super excited to have this opportunity! Can’t wait to share my views and hopefully discover some new things about myself and feminism in general 🙂


Hey readers! I’m Emily, a senior Sociology major with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, and a new addition to the ShoutOut bloggers! I’m hopelessly addicted to Thai food, Ingrid Michaelson, Ed Sheeran, and SNL (Kristin Wiig is my idol). During my time at JMU I’ve been lucky enough to fall in love with my classes and hope to use what I’ve learned here to pursue a career in Human Rights advocacy and campaigning. I believe that spreading awareness and promoting discussion about social inequalities is one of the best ways to prevent these injustices from occurring. I’m excited to come on board and ready to share and learn as much as I can while I’m here!


Yo dawgs. My name is Lucy and I’m a senior SMAD major concentrating in Journalism with minors in Creative Writing and Women’s and Gender Studies. I love telling stories and I wanted to write for ShoutOut so I could clarify some of my own feelings about feminist topics while helping spread awareness and empowerment for women. Sometimes I’m sassy and opinionated, and other times I’m awkward and quiet. Things I like are fighting for gender equality, studying and critiquing media, badass women and female role models like Beyonce and Amy Poehler, reading, listening to music, eating candy, and dancing in the middle of dance circles. Anyone who watches Adventure Time is my homie. When I’m a real person and have graduated college I want to write for magazines about women, music and culture, or women in music and culture. Duh! 


Howdy fellow feminists! To say I am excited to write for this blog would be an understatement. I am ecstatic to share my thoughts and passions for this subject matter and to engage in dialogue with readers on this fantastic platform. I am currently a senior at JMU, majoring in Sociology with minors in Women’s and Gender Studies and Communication Studies. I enjoy the outdoors, beaches, friendly people, crafting, warm weather, puppies (and big dogs, too), and, of course, feminism. Being around fellow feminists and supporters of equal rights has been remarkably inspiring for me. I am looking forward becoming even more inspired through ShoutOut! Lets get started 🙂


Hi everyone! I’m a senior Communications major with a double minor in Theatre and Spanish, and I am so excited to write for ShoutOut this semester! As my blogger name suggests, I’m very passionate about gender discourse, inclusivity and equality, and I can’t wait broaden my perspective and learn more from my fellow bloggers. I am a coffee drinker, deep conversation in DHall haver, cheesy romance reader, gnome collector, and perpetual dreamer. Ready to stop shutting up and start shouting out!


Hello there! I’m Lucy/MustBeAMermaid, and I could not be more excited to write for ShoutOut this semester!  I’m a senior English major with a Theatre minor, and I’m hoping to pursue a career in Human Rights advocacy post-graduation. In my free time, I enjoy watching overly-dramatic TV shows on Netflix, listening to feminist podcasts, reading books that are meant for pre-teen girls, and eating nutella in bed. Feminist discourse is something that I’m super passionate about, and I cannot wait to see how ShoutOut impacts my own feminist ideals as well as the greater JMU Community this semester. Because I’m a literature/poetry nerd and I love collecting quotes, I’ll leave you with the quote that my blogger name is based on: “I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” -Anaïs Nin


Hey there, I’m MsDionneDavenport. If you know which classic 1990’s film I am referencing with my username, we are automatically friends. I am an avid reader of novels, Reddit, feminist blogs, gossip magazines, and memoirs. I enjoy iced coffee, people who have strong, well-researched opinions and convictions, and happy corgis. I do not hate men and I do not burn bras, yet I am a passionate feminist. My goal for this semester is to change just one person’s perception of what a “feminist” is; but if I could reach more than one person, that’d be cool too.


Hello! I’m TheRadicalRadish, currently a senior Spanish & SMAD double major, hoping to explore the world and break all boundaries. I’m new to ShoutOut!, and excited to use the power of awareness to communicate with others the importance of feminism and equality in the lives of all men and women.

 Ladychaotica21, Co-Editor Fall 2013/ Spring 2014

Greetings, earthlings. I’m Veronica, or ladychaotica21. I’m a Senior Communications Studies major, with a concentration in Advocacy studies. Although this is only my second semester on the blog, I’m no stranger to feminist discourse–I’ve been passionate about it for as long as I can remember.  My favorite pastimes include reading, writing, thinking, watching Star Wars, hiking, talking, eating, and engaging in thought-provoking discussions. I’m looking forward to channeling my passions for consciousness-raising on the blog this semester, particularly with regards to gender equality and female empowerment. I’m an ardent proponent of honest, unapologetic discourse, especially concerning taboo topics unbecoming for a lady to discuss in polite company. I can’t wait to engage in feminist discourse through ShoutOut! this semester, and I encourage frequent feedback and tough questions!

ImagineHerStory, Co-Editor Fall 2013/ Spring 2014

Hey everyone!  I am imagineherstory.   I love talking about the issues that women face and hope to facilitate discussion or at the very least mental stimulation.  I have lived with guys for the past three years, and plan on writing about the issues of being a feminist while living with college men.  In order to keep their lives private, I have decided to withhold both my name and theirs, they are great guys but not the most sensitive to feminist issues and sometimes trying to talk to them about it is like banging my head against a brick wall.  I hope to one day change their opinion, until then I will vent to you all. I cannot wait to hear what you all have to say!


HELLO SHOUTOUT FANS! In case you didn’t already know, I’m bestlittlelion92, the spunky feminist! I am a senior now and I am kind of sad about it, so I really want to make a lasting impact this year on the blog. My main focus is intersectionality and incorporating that into my own form of feminism. When I graduate, I want to work with sexual assault survivors, and you will see that passion for helping survivors come alive in my writing. This is going to be a great year, I have a lot to rawr about 🙂


Salutations. My name is Donya (pronounced like “Tanya” except, with a “D” instead of a “T.”) I am a second generation Iranian-American that is fluent in sarcasm and the art in selecting scented candles. Red Hot Chili Peppers super-fan, lactose intolerant (missing ice-cream dearly at the moment), germ-a-phobic reincarnated hippie at your service! I am majoring in Communications Studies at JMU and before you ask, no, I have no idea what I want to do with my degree once I get it. I do know, however, that I will be a singer/songwriter/musician “when I grow up.” The goal isn’t to be famous, just to reach people with music. Until then, I will be sharing my thoughts about the latest issues pressing on the heavily brainwashed minds of our generation, on this here lovely blog.

I am a huge believer in mindfulness, awareness and the art of “being.” I am currently strapped onto a metonoia-filled rollercoaster—loving every second of it. For example, I just started drinking coffee last week and quickly decided that it is the nectar of the gods. I take it as black as Voldemort’s soul. Perception is everything, aliens exist.


Well hello beautiful people! I am Xenawarriorprincess and one of the new bloggers for ShoutOut! JMU! To give you a little background on myself, I’m a junior here at James Madison University, a Communication Studies major with a concentration in Public Relations, and a Theater minor. Beyond that, I consider myself an amateur foodie, a lover of zodiac, corgis, pop culture, music, sunshine and many other things.  I can’t tell you how eager and excited I am to not only express my unique gendered views to you all, but to reflect and explore myself in relation to feminist discourse throughout this opportunity.  It’s an amazing thing to be able to discuss all of our feminist passions to one another, so be our guest and express yourself! Enjoy!


Hey readers! This is YourKnightinshiningTutu and I’m a senior Communication Studies major with a minor in Creative Writing here at JMU. I love writing but I am fairly new to the blogging world, and even newer to the world of feminist critique (besides the 22 years of experience I have of simply being a woman). I look forward to working with ShoutOut! over the next few months and can’t wait to connect with some of you faithful (or new, like me!) readers!


Shelby Wiltz is a student activist and senior at James Madison University studying social justice, women’s studies and creative writing.  She is an outspoken queer woman of color with a passion for poetry. Over the last three and a half years she has been working primarily on issues facing the LGBTQ community in Harrisonburg. She recently co-founded a queer youth empowerment and support organization called the Shenandoah Valley YES! Alliance. After graduation, she would like to move to the DC area to pursue a career in writing and advocacy.


My name is Sarah and I am a double major in communication and writing and rhetoric. This is my last semester at James Madison University, but I am not done with school yet, because I am going to graduate school in the fall. I don’t know where yet though!  I am writing for JMU ShoutOut because I want to learn more about how America portrays women in popular culture and the media. I am also interested in how gender is portrayed in mundane everyday things such as food, beverages, and dress as well. I look forward to learning more about feminism and learning and growing with JMU ShoutOut!


Hi all, my name is Lauren Fleetwood and I am a senior English major. This is my second semester writing on the blog and I am  incredibly excited to contribute. I am heavily interested in the queer community politics and issues involving socioeconomic status/class, and I hope to bring my own experiences in with a continued feminist lens. I plan on opening my mind even further through my experience with the blog and hope to learn more each week!


Oh didn’t see you there! This is your resident firecracker Katie, also known as ladylikesailormouth. I am a Communication Studies major with a concentration in Cultural Communication and a minor in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication. I have been a feminist since the day Timmy Williams told me girls could never be good at video games in the 5th grade. While to this day I am still not good at videos games (and I’m supremely jealous of girl gamers who are), I did eventually find an interest in researching rape culture and educating others about sexual assault, female empowerment, as well as the socialization of children and gender. I’m looking forward to developing my feminist voice more and having a space for open discourse to facilitate all facets of feminist opinions.

El Feministo

Howdy! My name’s Will and I write under the pseudonym El Feministo. Self-proclaimed domestic god and aspiring gentleman, I appreciate stimulating conversation and 80’s pop culture references. When I’m not writing about fatherhood or men’s roles within feminism, I enjoy the finer things in life like Redbox movies and gas station coffee (black and lukewarm). While my Californian roots keep me loose, my military background has kept me grounded. Adventure is the name of the game, and once I’m finished studying communication theory at James Madison University I hope to head west towards big mountains or travel east to unknown regions beyond. Ideal gift: a novel. Gift I most often give: a novel.


I’m a senior Communication Studies major with a minor in Theatre.  I’m a pretty pissed off feminist whose main interests include fashion, film and boy bands.  The blog name, lest you are unaware, is in honor of the single most inspiring film character of the 1990’s, Cher Horowitz from director Amy Heckerling’s timeless classic, Clueless.  At any given moment I am likely to be found coloring in my Lisa Frank book or crying over how badly I want a cat.


My name is Carolyn Girondo, and I will be writing under the name “tohellwithsugarandspice.”  It’s based off of one of my favorite quotes:  “Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts…That’s what little girls are made of; to hell with sugar and spice.”  I am a senior communication studies and spanish double major. I am all about the equality of the sexes and definitely want to utilize this blog to not just speak my mind but also to absorb knowledge and grow from others. I am a group fitness instructor and marketing assistant at UREC, the Director of Fundraising for SafeRides, and a Alternative Music Rep for ‘stache Media. I’m looking to work in the music industry after graduation. Some of my favorite things in life are spontaneous dance parties, music, group fitness, dove chocolates, cooking, karaoke, yoga, crossing things to-do lists, seeing the world, a hot shower and being horizontal after a long day, meditation, summer nights when it is light outside until late, star gazing, connecting with people, my family and friends, and just trying to enjoy every aspect of this beautiful, crazy, life. Lets. Get. Feminist.


Hey there! My name is Sarah, and I am a senior at James Madison University. I am majoring in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication, with a concentration in Writing and Rhetoric and a minor in Environmental Studies. I’m new to ShoutOut! this semester, and I don’t have a very extensive background in gender studies, but I have plenty of strong opinions and I’m here to share them with you! Let’s get some good feminist discourse going this semester.


Hi everyone! I’m redheadfemme, a new blogger for ShoutOut and am also new to feminism. I am very excited to learn more and grow in JMU’s feminist community while putting my own unique perspective in my blog posts! I’m a junior at JMU and my major is Communications & English.  I’m a Gemini who is very passionate about pugs, my family, friends, reading, traveling, and new experiences!


Hey guys! I’m a junior SMAD major with a double minor in art and british communication and media. It’s not part of my primary education, but I’ve been feministing for quite a while now. I’m extremely excited to be a part of the ShoutOut group this semester, sharing my ideas and learning more from my peers as I go along! I plan on graduating next semester following a semester abroad in London and hope to pursue a career in magazine editing or content management. I love 80’s rom-coms or anything with Meryl Streep (the Queen), road trips, magazines, dying my hair, and spending time with friends. There are many topics relating to gender, sociology and feminism that I am passionate about and am excited to explore this semester. I hope to challenge myself and others through the discourse on my blog and I can’t wait to connect with you!
Hey! You there! How’s it goin? My name is Justin, but you can just call me deltatheory.  I’m a senior at JMU with a Communication Studies major and a Women and Gender Studies minor.  Most of my friends would classify me as a video game-geek who’s really into electronic music, but my real hobby is definitely theory.  I’m pretty much always searching for new perspectives to see the world from, because everyone has their own voice to be heard (and I want to hear it!) I’ve always been a huge fan of feminist discourse, and you’ll find me attempting to stretch myself in new ways this semester as I attempt to explore both the beautiful and serious sides to Feminism. Hope you join me along for the ride!
Hey all! I’m Casey and I’m a senior business major with a communication studies minor here at James Madison University.  This is my first time both writing for a blog and exploring feminism. And I’m excited to do both! I can’t wait to see where they take me! I hope to learn a lot this semester and to also open my reader’s eyes as I continue to open my own. I’m a huge fan of food, sleep, sweatpants, smores, wine, disorganization, and all things fluffy.


Brooklyn Steele is a senior at James Madison University, majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Family Studies. Her hometown is Front Royal, VA., but resides in Harrisonburg, VA during the school year. She is currently a member of the International Association of Business Communicators. Her career goal is to have a job were she can apply her skills to help people and families, which is why she has her eye on FEMA helping families effected by disasters. Brooklyn became especially interested in Feminism after a Sociology of Gender class last semester, it opened her eyes in so many ways and is excited to be a writer for this blog.


Hello human friends! I’m a SMAD-y turned sociology major (now both). No more than 3 years ago, I sometimes said things like, “I don’t really think a woman should be president….” but I have since found and embraced feminism wholeheartedly. It has become the lens through which I make sense of the world, and it is a big part of my support system now. I’m excited to join this blog and work with this team to extend this worldview to the interwebs and across campus because I know how empowering it can be. ANYWAY – aside from feeling really passionate about feminism, always – I am a proud member of the JMU SafeRides family, have recently picked up knitting, and am often told that my spirit animal is a meerkat. Other than that I just really love humans, and I’m excited to embark on this adventure together! (I’m looking at you, people of the internet.)


I am a senior Psychology major with a Communication minor. In my future, I hope to become a licensed professional counselor after attending graduate school. I decided to write for ShoutOut as a way of voicing my new found feminist viewpoints. After taking a few gender courses at JMU, I realized I would really love to have an outlet to express my thoughts on gender inequality. I am so excited to start writing and cannot wait to read what other people have to say!

jgrand50, Co-Editor Spring 2013

Hello all! My name is Justin Grandinetti and I am a senior. My major is Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Though this is my first semester writing for the blog, I am a longtime reader. I hope that I can bring a different perspective to feminist issues while simultaneously writing enjoyable articles. I look forward to a great year!

FemOnFire, Co-Editor Spring 2013

Hey there! My name is Deirdre Myers. Like Justin, I am a Writing Rhetoric and Technical Communication major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. I’m a ShoutOut! veteran whose feminist interests began with the Queer/LGBT community and have spread to other intersectionalities of identity. I’m especially passionate about focusing on social change on a personal level, and look forward to exploring new conversations with readers and other bloggers!


My name is Hannah Austin and I am a super super senior this year! I will be graduating in May with my BA in English and Women’s Studies. I am a townie who loves to read and write and has more brothers and sisters then most people believe. I discovered I had always been a feminist after meeting former blogger Katie O. in Dawn Goode’s Queer Lit course (best.class.ever.) and started blogging and working with Sister Speak in 2010. After taking some time off I am back at school, and excited to explore how feminism can play a part in post-graduation daily life.


Hi readers! I am Kate a Junior Organizational Major and Writing minor at James Madison University.  This is my first time writing for the blog. I am excited to get to write about my views on feminism and hopefully learn more from my fellow bloggers and all of you readers.


I’m excited to write for Shoutout! although I have no background in feminism, I hope that my upbringing and experiences will be enough. I’m a Senior studying communications and public relations.  I’m passionate about my family, friends, music and now about ShoutOut!


Hello blogging world!!  For the sake of keeping my identity private to start off, I’m going by the pseudonym ShamelessFem for lack of better ideas.  I’m a senior sociology major and a women and gender studies minor. From the name you can gather that I am a feminist and I have no shame which I think may come from being a 4’9” adult in our ever growing society.  By shameless I don’t mean to say that I don’t have my insecurities, place me next to anyone over six feet tall and you’ll see the most insecure person you’ve ever seen. By shameless, I mean that I am proud of my choices including my mistakes,I do not let what other people think dictate how I act and I do not believe in having regrets. As for being a feminist, my first women studies course really opened my eyes, plus being a sociology major makes you see the world in a whole new light. I look forward to posting and allowing you to get to know me a lot better.

Kelly J.

Hey there! My name is Kelly Johnson, and I am a sophomore here at JMU. My major is Organizational Communications and my minor is Human Resources Development. This is my first time being part of the ShoutOut Blog, and I am very excited to see what it will show me. Being that I am somewhat newer with the whole idea of feminism, I am interested to learn more and develop my opinion more by the end of the semester. I hope to be able to provide good blogs and feedback throughout the semester. I think since I am new at the whole blogging AND feminist thing, I will be using my everyday experiences to write about and comment about. I am looking forward to getting to know all my fellow ShoutOut classmates!
Femistorian, Co-Editor Fall 2012
Hey there! My name is femistorian, or Emily, and I’m a History major and Women’s Studies minor. My focus at JMU is American women’s history, especially in the twentieth century. I’ll be writing about women’s history, representations of women in mass media, and how angry anti-feminists make me. I can’t tell you when I became a feminist, because as far as I can remember I’ve always been one (I even dressed as Elizabeth Blackwell for Halloween, much to my parents’ chagrin). I believe feminism is about choice, and that empowerment can only occur when an oppressed group is educated and liberates itself. When I’m not being a rrrriot girl, I enjoy playing with my cat, eating Kit Kat bars by the bag, and corrupting small children (aka babysitting).
eszenyme, Co-Editor Fall 2012

Hello bloggers!  My name is Marie Eszenyi and I am a senior.  I am studying philosophy and communication with a minor in women and gender studies.  I hope this year we can have some great discussions on feminism and pop culture and I look forward to hearing what you have to say!


Hey everybody! My name is Kat, or visionsofourfuture, and I’m a Senior English major and History minor. This is my first year writing for ShoutOut! but I’m looking forward to posting about feminism! When I’m not providing you with feminist discourse, I’m most likely staking out Carrier Starbucks and feeding my coffee addiction.


Word.  For the sake of some privacy, I’m not going to use my real name but let’s just say that “sarcastic” and “fiesty” are apt adjectives to describe me so my alias isn’t far off the mark. I’m a Nursing major, minor in  Women’s and Gender Studies. I think that starting a conversation and raising awareness is the best way to confront the often unconscious and subversive forms of oppression that we face and that, in addition to not being dead at all, feminism creates an amazing space for a foray into questioning and investigating the status quo. I also think that gummy bears hold the secret to a happier and more fulfilled life. Game on.


Hi, my name is Kayla and I’m a senior English major, Women’s Studies minor at JMU. My interests in the field include women’s history, with particular emphasis on monarchial figures, as well integration of feminism in collegiate coursework. My experience throughout my university career includes work with the Virginia NOW Chapter, membership to Her Two Cents, and now a current blogger for ShoutOut!

Katie O. – Co-Editor Spring 2012

Hey! My name is Katie O, majoring in International Affairs and minoring/passionately in love with Women’s Studies. I am unapologetically pro-choice, and I believe reproductive justice is the cornerstone to full women’s equality. I absolutely believe that an intersectional analysis of oppression is integral to feminist ideology and activism, and I think you cannot fight one oppression without fighting another.

aliasmitch – Co-Editor Spring 2012 –

My name is Mitch, I’m an English major/Women’s Studies minor. I’m very passionate about all things feminist, but in particular I tend to focus on women’s participation and representation in the humanities (especially music and literature), reproductive justice and just general patriarchy blaming.

Killer Tofu

“[3rd Wave Feminists], Jazz Agers, Flower Children, Beatniks, Rockers, Punks, Nerds, Hackers, Lovers, [Generation y2k]… there have always been outlaws in our society in pursuit of autonomy.” I consider myself one of them.

I’m a 4th year at James Madison University studying what I like and hoping it adds up to some sort of degree. I have a lot of passion for words and ideas, and a lot of dispassion elsewhere. I’m a humanist, a feminist, and generally just an antithesis. I might be too postmodern for bios…

Something Beany

Hi, I’m Lauren G. or “Something Beany”, because I think this blog is good for your heart. I’m a Senior Media Arts and Design major with a Theatre minor. I have a vested interest in the LGBT community and how gender and women’s rights issues affect said community.  I’m also interested in gender roles in pop-culture, and the coexistence of feminism and organized religion.


Junior, feminist, liberal, avid reader, traveller, leader, Leo, and lover of sunflowers, looking to show JMU students that feminism is kind of a big deal!


Hey everyone! I’m Kim J, and I’m a senior here at JMU. I’m a double major in Studio Art and Psychology, with a minor in Women’s Studies. I’ve identified as a feminist since high school, and becoming a Women’s Studies minor has given me a platform to educate myself on women’s issues and help me voice my opinions. I follow the third wave feminist mantra, “the personal is political”; therefore, my interests and passions lie in the social and cultural inequalities that affect our lives everyday.

I also believe that the principles of feminism surpass sex and gender: feminism is about equality, not about the domination of one gender over the other. Feminism is for women, men, and anyone in between. Feminism is for everyone!

Carly Q.

Hello everyone, I’m Carly Q. and I’m a senior (kind of) Global Justice Studies and Spanish double major. I’m not actually minoring in Women’s Studies but within my Global Justice major I tend to choose classes that relate to gender in justice studies and the roles of gender, race, class and sexuality in developing societies. After getting to college and taking some courses that touched on feminism I realized I had a place and a voice and I haven’t looked back ever since.

E.C. Stanton

Hey everybody, I’m E.C. I’m a senior English major and Women’s Studies minor at James Madison University. When I was younger I played with barbies like any other girl, however, my mom told me that she always knew I was different because instead of going to fun parties my barbies were going to college and becoming lawyers…and they never let Ken drive. I hope to someday follow in my barbies’ foot steps and become a lawyer myself, in hopes of making some strides towards women’s equality under the law. Many of my postings will cover women’s issues in every day life. I am most interested in what messages women are being sent through the media and entertainment industries, as well as daily interactions women have with each other and with men. My hope is that my postings will cause readers to pause for reflection on whatever topic I am covering..and maybe a little controversy. Happy Reading – E.C.


Hi, my name is Lauren U, or “Lauranium” on the blog. I am a senior English major at JMU. I love listening to music, playing guitar, being outdoors, reading, and going on adventures.

My passion for feminism began in high school and stemmed from my love of Riot Grrl bands such as Bikini Kill and Bratmobile, and also from artists like Kim Gordon. These women’s lyrics concerning female empowerment and anti-sexism spoke to me at the time and their relevance in my life continues to this day. I am excited to contribute to this blog because I strongly feel that true awareness of feminism needs to become much more prevalent in our society, and in particular, around the JMU campus. Also, as a future high school teacher, I hope to explore, discover and create new ways to incorporate feminism into my classroom.


Throughout my education at James Madison University, my mind has revolutionized, beyond what I could have imagined- and it is thrilling.  Do not be scared of Feminism, do not fear women’s issues; it is much more than the limits placed on it.


Hello! My name is Julie and I’m a junior, social justice major. I’m highly interested in feminism and its relation to social justice. I am also invested in LGBT issues and their role in feminism. Unfortunately, the more I study social justice and feminism, the harder it is for me to happily watch Jersey Shore and GTL. My whole life is a contradiction.


Hola readers and writers! I’m Lei, it’s pronounced like the potato chip. Or perhaps what you try to “get” on Friday and Saturday nights (or every night, depending on how much you enjoy, I suppose).

I’m decidedly devoted to being a feminist both personally and professionally, and have a huge thing for apparent alliterations…? I’m graduating this semester to go out into the “real” world, and feel completely prepared with all the right tools to have a job I love that pays me very little; a conclusion I came to and accepted as soon as I picked up my major in Sociology.

I am so veritably in-like with complicated and educated debates and hope you’ll turn a critical eye to what I’m writing, I have so much left to learn!


Hi there!! My name is Emily, commonly known as emalijah to a select few. I’m a proud 5th year senior at JMU studying Communications and Women and Gender Studies.

I am extremely interested in women’s issues and just about any inequality that I can help to eliminate. I became interested in feminism after signing up for the Intro course to Women’s Studies, thinking it was just a class to get an easy A in. Thank goodness I found that class because I soon found one of my passions and I’m excited to share it with you on this blog.


9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I just found your blog today (from a post on The Renewal Forum on Facebook). I haven’t been able to read a whole lot on here but have looked through some posts and your different pages. I am very impressed by what I see. Thank you very much for sharing. I will be sure to follow your blog and share it with my friends.

    Take care.


  2. Hi there! I’ve read a few of the entries on the blog and love how rounded and diverse the contents and discussion are. As you all might already know Mrs. Aleman’s Gender and Communication course requires a public engagement piece of some sort and I already have an idea of what I might like to write a piece about, just not sure what public engaging blog might be the best for it and wanted to inquire about a guest blog post. Please let me know what I might need to do or who to talk to about the possibility of being able to post on this particular blog!


    1. Hi Melissa!
      Thanks for your interest in our blog, it really means a lot! I would personally be fine with you doing a guest post, I’ll send around an email to get everyone’s opinion on it. It might take a minute to get back, since people are on vacation right now. If everyone’s fine with it, we can set up a meeting and have Professor Aleman contact you to discuss the basics of blogging, and figure out the best way to go about doing a guest post. We’ll keep you updated, but it should be fine!


  3. Hi there!
    I would really like to join your organization, is it a formal group recognized by the university? How can I get involved? Thanks!!!


    1. Hi Kelly!

      This is a formal group where some of us receive academic credit. However, others of us are guest writers, too! Please contact Dr. Melissa Aleman of the Communications department (alemanmc@jmu.edu) to see if you can potentially join this semester. But next semester you can definitely participate, whether or not you’d like to receive academic credit! We are always wanting more and more voices!

      Hope this helps, and we all welcome you!


  4. Hi there. My name is Carol and I’m a Brazilian student. I really loved your blog, guys. I’m starting a feminist group with some friends, but we’re kind new in this area, so your blog is helping us to have some really nice ideas. Thank you all.


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  6. Heyy guys ive recently just started my blog its based on personal development i would appreciate it if you viewed it and shared the word 🙂 hope you enjoy marcojairlopez.wordpress.com


  7. This site is a bunch of anti male bullshit. How this is supported by a state funded institution is beyond reason. Plenty of male tax payers out there unknowingly funding this kind of hateful reverse discrimination. I don’t know if any of these girls get grades for this but if they do….. F!


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