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Many of you have probably watched The Bachelor where 25 women are all fighting over the same guy and mostly turning against each other. Some friendships are made between the girls during the show, however, most form enemies while all are interested in the same guy. The show FBOY Island, on the other hand, is a show where three women come to an island to meet 26 men. Thirteen come on to the show as “nice guys” and thirteen come on as “FBoys.” If a woman ends up with a “nice” guy at the end of the show, the pair divides a $100,000 prize and continues their relationship. If she selects an FBoy, what occurs to the money is in his hands, meaning in which he may split it or keep it all for himself ending their relationship.

In my opinion, FBOY Island is a show that demonstrates female empowerment and friendship, while they all work together to decide which guys came on the show as f-boys and which came as nice guys. During both seasons available on HBO Max, both groups of three girls decided that they would not talk to the same man. According to eNews writer Samantha Bergeson, Sarah Amig from Season 1 explained “Luckily, when we were filming the show, we never actually pursued the same guys. As soon as one of the girls, if she liked one of the guys, we immediately knew he was off limits. It was kind of surprising, but also not.”  The three of them were always able to create a pact together going against any F-boy that came onto the show. While stranded on this beautiful island, all their friends and families were far away, however they stayed together and created a support system through both seasons making sure each girl had a shoulder to lean on. During the show, there were moments when the girls would get upset by one of the guys’ actions and you would see the other two girls immediately drop the conversation they were having with one of the guys making sure they were able to help the other through the situation at hand.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

The executive producer and host of the show Nikki Glaser was an enormous help for the girls and helped them through the show by helping them figure out which ones were there for a sincere romantic connection. Right when the show starts up, Nikki explains to all 26 men that the women will decide their luck and decide who stays and who goes throughout the rounds. Allowing the women to have all the power and constrain the male egos that enter onto the show by making them compete and confess how they feel towards the girls in order to make it on the show. The f-boys that come onto the show to take the $100,000 and play with the girls’ feelings that do not make it through the rounds must go to Limbo. Limbro was a very unpleasant living condition, where the men had to sleep on hay beds and mostly fend for themselves. This can show women empowerment and show men that they should not go around playing with girls’ feelings or there are consequences.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Since forever, men have been playing with women’s emotions to have a sense of self worth or admiration from their friends seeking some sort of validation. Fboy Island is a group of three independent women that are designed to kick off the representation of all f-boys in the world playing with girls’ feelings and try to make genuine connections to the men that will actually treat them well. This show allows so many women to remind themselves that they deserve the absolute best and remember it’s a woman’s world.

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