newsroom round-up

This past week has been quite eventful for the local community and the world as well. It seems steps to ensure public health are underway, ranging from human rights to disease control.

First up in local news, the Biden administration petitioned to bring healthcare for pregnant women and their children under the Build Back Better Act. Virginia’s Medicare program, healthcare for low-income families, is the model for the act. The Build Back Better Act will rebuild the middle class to its former glory, a livable income.

Next, National news has become more of worldwide news over the past week; Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s so-called partner in crime, walked into court a few days ago. Many charges were filed against her, all under the human trafficking of underage girls. The trial will take six weeks, and the victims of Maxwell and Epstein will take the stand.

Finally, news affecting everyone globally, Omicron, Covid-19’s new form. The World Health Organization warns the public of the high threat, and many countries have closed borders in response.

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