Newsroom Roundup 10/08

Local: During this newsroom (October 5th) we both concluded something about the news- you only know how much you search for. While looking for news stories we were able to find a local, global, and national news story that we felt relates to feminism in a multitude of ways that is inclusive to all women. Our local story touched on the new medicine that is being administered by planned Parenthoods across Virginia. This medicine allows non-procedural, at-home abortion that is safe and effective for women. However, we also took note that the election was coming up and how candidate governor Youngkin could have an effect on abortion laws and mandates in Virginia. Not only would this cause issues for planned parenthood’s and women but it could have similar effects as to what is going on in Texas. In response to this news, people in class were upset and discussed the potential hardships that happen for women when new state leaders are elected.

National: Our second news story was about the women’s March that took place on October 2nd in regards to the abortion laws in Texas. Providing background about these laws learned from prior newsrooms, we elaborated on how women are trying to counteract these laws and work together to help the movement of feminism. The question we posed gave thoughtful insight to what our classmates thought. They found there was power in numbers and that marches have the potential to affect laws, mandates, and those who vote in elections. These effects MAKE A DIFFERENCE and thus it is important to acknowledge that marches and being involved in movements does create the space for change.

Global: Our last news story touched on the UN leaders call to action for gender-based violence. The news story acknowledged gender-based violence as a, “silent pandemic” that affects girls and women across the globe. They acknowledged that Afgansteins change of power in government was a strong push for change (as we have also learned from past newsrooms). Leaders and officials in the UNFPA will be pushing for change and reform by funneling 43 percent of their funds to local and global women’s organizations. They feel that by empowering women it can help to create a flexible and substantial difference in helping women attempt to disengage with the threats they may face in violent situations. When posing the discussion question to the class regarding how they felt in hearing that women’s needs are the least funded- they felt upset. We heard the voices from those in our class and became witnesses to the violent situations they have faced.

Future Newsrooms: In posing these stories, future newsrooms can expand on the Texas abortion law and how public officials may have responded to the womens march. We can also expect to see potential stories about the election in November about Governor Youngkin. Further, we can expect to see news stories regarding if the UNFPA is living up to their word and pushing for reform in womens humanitarian programs to aid in gender-based violence. 

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