Why popular podcast “call her daddy” is toxic

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Many of us are familiar and consume podcasts, whether it is news & politics, environmental, technology, sports, or entertainment. One specific entertainment podcast, “Call Her Daddy”, is an affiliate of “Barstool Sports” and has accumulated a huge cult following over the past two years. The 27-year-old host, Alexandra Cooper uses the platform to share explicit and raunchy hookup stories, along with relationship and sex advice.  

 Although the show has become a safe space for women to share and listen to their embarrassing sex and relationship stories, the advice given from Alex Cooper and guests can oftentimes be misconstrued and inherently misogynistic. Most of the stories and advice given is overly focused on gratifying a male partner, oftentimes degrading women. Let’s stop talking down on women the way some men feel the right to.  

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My freshman year of college I would have considered myself to be a part of the ‘daddy gang’, which is what the, “Call Her Daddy” fandom is termed. I even bought the merch. Yikes. In hindsight, there was one particular episode that turned me away from the podcast completely. Episode 52, titled, “College Life: Being Hot vs Not” was released in September of 2019, shortly after I began my freshman year. To say I was naïve to hookup culture would be an understatement, also considering the fact that at the time I was in a long-distance relationship. However, I remember sitting in my dorm room listening to Alex Cooper and former host Sofia Franklyn say, “if you’re a hot girl do not f*ck the first semester.” The reason why? Because everyone will think you’re a slut. She then goes on to say that if you hold out that you are going to be considered a “prized possession” that all the men will want to penetrate.  Excuse me, what? Why are we slut shaming women? And why are we talking about women like they are objects? If you thought that episode couldn’t get more problematic… oh boy you were wrong. In the middle of the episode Alex Cooper states, “Sorry to Harvard people, but there’s not that many hot girls at Harvard. All these people are f***ing ratchet.” After insulting women who go to the most prestigious university there was major backlash, and a TikTok trend started where Harvard girls quickly proved her wrong.  It completely baffled me that Alex Cooper was basically saying that we, as women should decide what to do with our bodies soley based off of how we will be perceived by men.  

In various episodes Alex Cooper shares unhealthy and toxic relationship advice. Some of these tips include making their partners jealous, whether it be a guy they just met or a long-term partner. She also tells her audience to, “cheat first, just in case”. And if you’re wondering what she tells you to do if you do get caught cheating? Gaslight. By promoting these toxic characteristics, it teaches young women to expect the worse from men and show little respect for themselves or their relationships. Wouldn’t you think that since Alex Cooper’s audience is prominently women that she would be uplifting women. This just goes to show that women are not immune to sexism.

“Call Her Daddy” has potential to be an uplifting and positive space for women to talk openly about their sex lives and experiences. Sex should not be stigmatized for women and there should be a space where everyone can talk without any judgment. However, the sexist comments made by Alex Cooper overbears any advice given. When I stopped listening to, “Call Her Daddy”, I found myself feeling more confident and less sexualized. Let’s work on finding a different place where we can talk openly about sex and relationships without it being fueled by male validation.  


2 thoughts on “Why popular podcast “call her daddy” is toxic

  1. ughh yeah. Relationships and sexuality are tricky to navigate as it is…but it definitely doesn’t help that we are led to believe some of our unique needs or desires should be rejected in order to be acceptable/ worthy of love. And I totally agree with what you said about needing to remove the stigma around sex and sexuality, we need more conversations that are genuinely open, honest, and safe. Thank you for shining a light on this!


  2. “As women, let’s stop talking down on women the way some men feel the right to.” This is absolutely true! I am in love with the way you worded this. I personally have never listened to the podcast, but you have shed new light on it. And the episode mentioned is absolutely disgusting.


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