Newsroom roundup

Local news: 

For local news Staunton is the first in the state of Virginia to have the latest 911 technology. With a faster and more efficient system, its the extra seconds that could save a person’s life. The system is called next gen 911, they traded in their outdated system for a quicker,high tech system that will save more lives. With this new technology dispatchers now can trace the call to find the persons location which will save critical time in an emergency. With the Gps system it allows dispatchers to know just which agency should respond. This is so beneficial especially in a medical emergency it will make a huge difference. 

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National news: 

For national news this week the governor of the state of Arkansas has vetoed his state’s bill to criminalize trans health care, but the states general assembly overruled his decision.“On Tuesday Kansas became the first state to ban gender affirming health care for minors.” This means that trans minors are prevented from receiving any kind of hormones or surgery. This means that any child wanting to transition will have to go through the wrong puberty and will have to be okay with staying on the wrong body until they are of a legal age. This will cause extreme body dysphoria which could cause so much pain and increase the already high rate of suicides in the transgender community. Hopefully the bill won’t last long, many outraged parents and supporters of the trans community will fight for their children’s rights. The article talks about the anti-trans activists and believes the bill will be the catalyst for other states to follow in Arkansas footsteps. So along with the abortion ban, Arkansas has proven to be an extremely red state that is anti-women and anti-trans. 

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Global news: 

For global news this week the United Arab Emirates has named the first Arab female astronaut, Nora AlMatrooshi. This has been her passion since childhood, she is 27 years old and holds a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. “In February, the UAE became the first Arab country and the fifth in the world to reach Mars after launching its “Hope Probe” spacecraft into the orbit of the red planet. This is a huge step in the right direction, women in stem already have to work twice as hard as men do to get recognition. They deserve and need more recognition and reward like this. It is so exciting to see what doors this will open for the women in the UAE. Nora AlMaatrooshi is making history and will be such an amazing role model and inspiration for all women especially in UAE. 

Here’s the link to read more:

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