Newsroom Roundup!

Local: Digna Barhona, along with local Harrisonburg residents and immigrants Kamilo Rivera and Crimson Solano,  will be taking their turn on the D.C hunger strike between April 15th and 17th. They will be joining fellow immigrants on the lawns of D.C to work towards immigration reform to bring attention to the shortcomings of the TPS program and other immigration system issues. Digna Barhona came to Harrisonburg in 1997 through the TPS program which allows residents of other countries to come over to the U.S due to nationwide violence or national disasters. Since then she has raised three children, worked and now owns her own home within the city. Regardless of her success she feels that will always be a “dark cloud” over her American Dream.

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National: The NCAA is under fire for inequalities in the Women’s and Men’s training facilities that are there for players participating in a basketball tournament in San Antonio Texas this week. This was brought to the world’s attention after a Women’s Oregon Ducks player Sedona Price took to her TikTok platform. Sedona Price has a large platform with over 1 million followers, and showed the women’s weight room, which was just one stack of weights, compared to the men’s weight room which was a full on decked out weight room. After the press caught wind of this the NCAA received tons of backlash and in return they made a full weight room for the women’s teams as well.

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Global: #97Percent has been trending on all social media platforms this week and Women have taken to tiktok to share their stories and show how they are a part of the 97% . This is a heartbreaking statistic and “Data collected for the United Nations and published on March 10 showed 97 percent of women aged between 18 to 24 in the U.K. had experienced some form of sexual harassment in public.”  This statistic has opened the eyes of many people including many men who seemingly did not see the problem before the study came out.

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Photo Credit: Zuma Wire/ The Guardian

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