Keke Palmer Event Recap


Pardon me while I fangirl a bit. But the “pulchritude” spelling, “I’m sorry to this man” saying, Millennial Queen Keke Palmer descended upon James Madison University via zoom. The Center for Multicultural Student services hosted Women’s History Month Speaker Keke Palmer on Mar. 17, 2021.

And the gag is, Ms. Lauren Keyana Palmer dropped numerous gems that women of all backgrounds can take away from. In a night full of wisdom and grace, Keke Palmer addressed the students of James Madison University in a way that touched the minds and hearts of all who attended. This event was especially significant to me and other Black women on campus because Keke Palmer was one of the first examples of a black girl with a TV show on a major network aka “True Jackson VP”. She is an icon in our eyes and demonstrates that any dream is possible. Now, enough fangirling, let’s get into some of the gems Ms. Palmer dropped last night.

“Never let people’s perception of you be your perception of yourself”

Oftentimes, as humans, I feel like we fall into the spell of trying to control others’ perceptions of us. Keke emphasized the importance of doing things for yourself and yourself only. She also mentioned that if something doesn’t work out then maybe it’s not for you but what is for you will always be yours. Having the courage to be who you are authentically is freeing and we should normalize that in our lives.

“Don’t nobody have change in 2021!”

Keke talked about the importance of women advocating for themselves and requiring that we are given the necessities to live and function. Keke talked about a situation where women had to advocate to have tampons placed in an office space. Since the office space was usually predominantly male, the owners of the space never thought to put period products in the bathrooms. Keke asserted that #1 those necessities should have already been included and #2 they should be free! Hence why she said, “don’t nobody have change in 2021.”

“Just keep living. Everything don’t last forever. You’re not gonna be happy forever but you’re not gonna be sad forever. You’re not gonna be scared forever but you’re not gonna be mad forever. Nothing lasts forever. So really just trust and give yourself time.”

Was this a word? Or was it a word? Keke gathered my entire life with this statement. Everything doesn’t last forever; the good, the bad, and the ugly. So if you feel like you can’t get through something, just know that it won’t last forever. Yeah, cry it out because I sure did.

This is just a morsel of the wisdom Keke displayed last night. As someone who was a part of the process of making this event happen, from creating the flyers to posting the flyers around campus and on social media everyday, and seeing the excitement of everyone around campus, I will say that this event was a highlight of my JMU experience.

P.S. Keke said she loved me in the meet and greet.

One thought on “Keke Palmer Event Recap

  1. I wish I could have attended this event! I saw advertisements for it all over campus. Thank you for recapping what I had missed during the Zoom call. I love that she explained her opinion on female products being free and available to women. I totally agree with this. I remember when JMU made tampons and pads free to students in the women’s bathrooms. I felt a sense of relief and proudness to be a JMU duke at a school that cares for us.


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