Peace & Blessings: Because I Love You

Hello, my sweets ;). It’s been a looooong year. Hopefully, you have some sanity intact as it nears its close. I am barely gripping mine, so I hope I am as worse as it gets. But Imma cut to the chase; this is the last blog post that you’ll see from @metaphysicalmewtwo. For all of my stans, I love you. To all of my haters, I love you too. But all jokes aside, I’m hoping anyone who has read my content has been able to learn something. It doesn’t have to be a lot as long it was something.

But since this is my last blog post…Imma says whatever I want, and that’s on that. So Imma talks about love. I’ve been understanding love entirely differently than I have at the start of the pandemic…it’s the same love, just a new understanding. I used to see love as a willingness to live for others, which I’ve started to realize isn’t necessarily a healthy approach. But instead, I’m starting to see love as the result of a complementary relationship. Love is everything, so, therefore, it is truly indescribable, but this is my attempt to describe it. Think of all your relationships, whether they are familial, platonic, romantic, mentored, etc. All of those relationships are successful because you complement one another no matter what it is. Love is what holds it together. 

When we experience great suffering, it is usually love that helps us get through it. I don’t want to be corny and say that love is the answer to everything, but if love is everything, it is also the answer to all problems. 2020 has had more issues than many of the years before, but if we knew how to approach our issues with love, then maybe there wouldn’t be so much suffering. I would not be preaching about this if I did not experience great suffering. I may have faced my most enormous challenge throughout this pandemic, which was myself. 

I’ve dealt with mental health challenges in the past, but this year may have been the most challenging time I have had to deal with them enough to start seeing a therapist. My self-esteem was at an all-time low, so trying to learn to love myself was the most difficult in the world to do. It was the opposite of what I wanted to do, but I forced myself to try because other people loved me, and if I could show them that I loved them, then I would at least love myself.

I know this pandemic has done a number on many people; over 274,000 people have died because of this virus ( For that reason, me saying that love is the answer just might be an insult to many people…but I understand despair, maybe not yours, but I understand the feeling. SO no matter what it is (whether it is grief, loneliness, systemic racism, persecution, etc.), if the problem is solvable, then I’ll do the worst part with you because we complement one another. Maybe that’s exactly what love is.

But I guess I should wrap this up. I’ve loved writing as @metaphysicalmewtwo. It’s been dope to share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with all who dared to read my post. I’m going to wish everybody who took/takes the time to read my content receives many blessings and is granted peace of mind and peace in life.

Peace and Blessing Because I Love You,


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