Tips For Having Productive Political Conversations

7 thoughts on “Tips For Having Productive Political Conversations

  1. this is SO important to talk about. Having this kind of mindset is 100% better than giving up and refusing to engage in any productive conversation. You never know what kind of impact your words could have

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    1. Oooof. Yeah, I imagine family gatherings (particularly if they weren’t virtual) might have gotten especially nasty for lots of people this year, unfortunately! My aunt and cousin apparently warned my stepgrandfather not to make any antagonizing comments because they understood that I wouldn’t start anything, but I’d finish whatever he began! LOL, at least they knew.

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  2. I love this post! You have really offered some great tips for talking politics… this served as a great reminder to have an open mind in these stressful conversations. I def need to work on being able to admit I am wrong!

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  3. I loved this!!!! Especially your first point, go in with an open mind. I go into conversations often trying to change peoples minds, and thats hard. I think I need to go into these conversations more open minded to others opinions and learn where they are coming from. I also loved the RBG quotes… she’s such an idol of me

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