Confidence and Clothing

When I shop for clothes online, I see the model wearing them and then when they don’t look exactly like that on me, I return them or toss them to the back of a drawer or closet.  I get stuck on the idea of shape, that coveted hourglass figure that’s been portrayed in the media for what seems like forever.

Recently, I’ve acknowledged this inability to accept my own body shape and have been trying to break that negative mindset.  A big part of that has been stepping away from finding inspiration through Instagram ads that feature clothing models with body types that are unrealistic for most women and girls. When you are constantly exposed to one body type it can be easy to forget that it’s okay for clothes to look different on you compared to someone else!

Aerie does a great job of acknowledging the beauty of all different body types on their website and with their #AerieREAL campaign but for now they are in the minority of brands that choose to do this.

Instead of focusing on all of the unreal body goals, I have been focusing on how I feel wearing certain outfits or items of clothing which led me to realize that I especially like to wear items of clothing I modify myself.  During this past summer to deal with Covid induced boredom, I started to bleach tie dye some old t-shirts and sweatshirts I never wore.  Now I wear them often and am certain that they boost my confidence and mood. So I definitely recommend DIY projects as a fun way to wander out of your comfort zone.

Something else I’ve done a few times and enjoyed is gone thrifting.  Just finding one item of clothing or accessory that you like can be fun to incorporate into your wardrobe.  For example, I found this green belt that I have incorporated into the majority of my outfits this past week.

Another thing I’ve gotten into is adding layers to my outfits, especially now with the approaching fall weather.  If you feel a bit self-conscious about a top you are wearing just throw a jacket or flannel over it!

We’ve all heard the phrase “dress for success” before, but I’m going to modify that phrase. I want to tell you to dress for yourself.  Next time you go shopping I want to encourage you to reach for (or click on) items that are a bit out of the realm of what you normally would. I’m not trying to encourage materialism but especially with what’s happening in the world right now I feel that it’s important to focus on what you can do to lift yourself up instead of putting yourself down.

Wear what makes you feel confident and don’t try to follow certain trends if they make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.  Embrace who you are and let your clothing reflect it.  Its just fabric after all!

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