A Majestical, Spectacular, Newsworthy Newsroom

Welcome to your weekly newsroom! This week we have some news that will turn a few heads. Before we highlight some of the articles we’ve shared, here’s a link to our newsroom slideshow that’ll give you a more thorough understanding of what’s been going on in the world. So, what exactly has been going on this week?

global news

This past weekend in Adelaide, Australia a kangaroo was spotted just taking a stroll down the main city strip in Victoria Square. Though Australia is known for its kangaroos and unique wildlife, this is not an everyday occurrence, despite popular belief. With the city being empty due to the pandemic, many locals have stated that an abundance of wildlife has reappeared. Despite a close call with a car, the kangaroo safely made off for the parklands on the outskirts of the city!

National news

Dr. Phil has been under fire recently for stating incorrect statistics about swimming pool deaths. He said that 360,000 people die a year from swimming pool accidents, when in actual reality, only 3,600 people die a year from it. Why does this matter? Well, he’s telling everyone that we shouldn’t shut down the government because of the Coronavirus. Watch the interview here:

Trump is encouraging people to protest against the strict stay-at-home orders from Minnesota, Michigan, and VIRGINIA!

local news

On April 12, Governor Ralph Northam approves the bill to decriminalize marijuana in Virginia. Starting July 1st of this year, citizens of the commonwealth will be able to possess up to one ounce or less of marijuana, with a civil penalty punishable by a $25 fine. This will also seal the criminal records of past marijuana offenders from employers and school administrators. The decriminalization bill got bipartisan support in both the House of Delegates and the Senate. Attorney General Mark Herring says the state will become “a more fair, just, and equal place” now that simple possession of marijuana is decriminalized.

Thanks for following us along for our newsroom! We hope that everyone is staying happy and healthy during this time. If you haven’t been able to keep up with the news and have some time on your hands, then you’re in luck because ShoutOut! JMU has some pretty awesome newsroom articles that were posted after the stay-at-home orders were put in place. Stay Safe!

Signing off xoxo,

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