To the White Person Who Thought I Was Another Black Girl

*sighs in tired black girl*

What’s a bold ass statement like this without a little backstory, right? So, here it goes.

I’m walking to class (ShoutOut coincidentally), minding my business per usual, when someone approached me and said, “Hey, so he cancelled class.” First off, my instructor is a female, so that was the first red flag. The next one was me realizing that I have never seen this person in my natural, born life. So, it’s 9 am, a random person just told me that a man cancelled class, then it hit me that this white person clearly thought I was someone else. It took me about 30 more seconds to process, and it hit me…DAMN this person mistook me for another Black girl.

*what the actual fuck*

I never thought I could have this experience ever, let alone in my time at this PWI. I mean, I’m three years in so my experiences couldn’t get any worse…right? *LOL SIKE*

You may be asking, “What’s the big deal?” The deal is that this person took me to be another Black person, as if we all look alike. This incident took place on a Wednesday, so the next time I would be en route to that class was Friday.

Friday comes, and while walking towards my classroom, I see a male professor saying hello to a Black girl. While in observation, I see she wears glasses and had braiding extensions in her hair, as did I. It clicked that the person probably thought I was that girl. And the male professor speaking to her gave me more of a reason to believe so. She was a very beautiful girl, however…we looked ABSOLUTELY NOTHING alike.

It makes me wonder if all white people on this campus generalize us and think we are all the same look-wise. This also makes me wonder, “Well, how else are we being generalized?”

I know as minorities on a large college campus we already stick out like a fly in a glass of white milk, but on the same token, it is so easy to think that because we are Black, then ultimately we are all the same….or that we all listen to the same music, enjoy the same things, or come from the same background. Well, you’re wrong af.

My point is that even with sticking out, I still can’t be my own individual self because all a white person will see is my skin, hair, and glasses. They will easily mistake me for the next dark skinned girl with similar characteristics. This is just another thing to add on to my struggles of existence on this campus. Granted, I know the intention wasn’t harmful, but the impact? That shit hurt.

I was angry and SO upset because I work so damn hard to make a name for myself on this campus just to have someone see me, look me in my face and not even see me as the individual I am. If you know me, then you know I am truly one of a kind. And I don’t mean that in a cocky way, but I am my own person who CANNOT and WILL NOT ever be duplicated by any means necessary.

So, to the white person who thought I was another Black girl, do better. At bare minimum learn faces, maybe even our names. But please don’t generalize, because in the end your ignorance is showing sweetie.

Well Wishes for Better Future Actions,


4 thoughts on “To the White Person Who Thought I Was Another Black Girl

  1. you tell em boo! when you said “like a fly in a glass of white milk” i felt that one of the best analogies i’ve heard i think like ever!

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