#MeToo – Moment or Movement? A conversation with Dr. Matthew Ezzell

5 thoughts on “#MeToo – Moment or Movement? A conversation with Dr. Matthew Ezzell

  1. I am taking a class with Dr. Ezzell this semester and I personally have never met a man with a perspective like his! My first day of class was like a breath of fresh air just to know that there are men who care like him out there.

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    1. Wow!! This was really compelling to read. For sure, I believe this #METOO movement is very empowering, and inspirational, and shouldn’t go unrecognized. Unfortunately, it does seem like the backlash from it stems about when men believe they are being blamed and targeted. This defense mechanism goes up. It reminds me of the topic “white privilege,” and how that backlashes when people feel they’re being “called out.” It really isn’t “all men,” at all, but it should be addressed the situation not just by women, but by men, as well. These topics NEED to be addressed, and I’m glad you wrote this post which brings about importance to this issue. What would you suggest be a way where we are able to hold this problematic act and the people involved accountable, without calling out everyone who just wants awareness?


      1. Thanks for your thoughts on this!! I think the more awareness we can bring by calling those out who are in positions of power that the movement needs to be inclusive is a good start. And calling out specific people/incorrect ideologies, not just a group of people.


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