I never knew that Virginia was one of the states were the bathroom bill outright failed. It’s really disappointing to hear that, and I hope that eventually the legislation will change. Hopefully, the younger generations will be open-minded, inclusive, and fight for change.

I also did not know that House Bill 2 has changed the reputation of North Carolina. Many companies have refused to be stationed there because the state refuses to pass the bill. I commend Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas for canceling their tours in Raleigh in Charlotte, because when celebrities take a stand, many of their fans choose to follow. The more people that we can get to help protect LGBTQ rights, the better.

I also think the government can take a stand from a national level and make this law a priority. With the new president and legislators, I’m not sure how fast this will happen, but I hope that with enough of us fighting and showing our support, we can make a change. I also think SassyYassy does a great job of pointing out that the first step as allies is to listen, to find out what transgender people want and need, and to support them in any way we can.