Shout Out! Newsroom Update February 27th 2017

From Trump’s elitist policy to Hollywood honoring the right movie at the right time, here is a recap of what the ShoutOut! Team discussed this week;

Donald Trump Policy

President Trump rescinded an Obama-Era Executive order that allowed transgendered individuals to utilize the bathroom representative of the gender they identify as. Interestingly, we discussed a Fox News Politics article that showcased how the States may be less-inclined to put up bathroom restriction due to the potential social and political backlash that it would entail.

Second, Attorney General Jeff Sessions ceased the phase-out of private prisons, handing the prison industrial complex a huge victory and thus accentuating the industry’s perpetuation of modern day-slave labor.

Finally, we learned that Donald Trump rescinded yet another Obama-Era regulation, this time one that banned the dumping of coal mining debris into streams. We emphasized how this ought to serve as yet another example of how the Trump administration puts the interests of corporate sustainability over the interests of the working people and the environment.

Transgender Boy wins Girl’s State Wrestling Championship

We showcased a story about how transgender boy Mack Beggs won the Texas Girl’s Wrestling State Championship, despite identifying as a boy. He was taking hormonal supplements during his transition which we all agreed was giving him an unfair advantage over his competition. However, we emphasized how it was the State that was primarily at fault for not giving him to opportunity to wrestle with the gender he identified as.

Milo Yiannopoulos

We talked about the millennial Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos, a man who has made his career from bashing trans-people, Muslims, immigrants, and women, all in the name of “protecting free speech.” We analyzed how the man’s only claim to fame is his ability to “shock and offend” despite offering no substantive ideas on policy or philosophy, being ultimately reduced to a hollow-clown. Despite his past of genuinely transphobic, sexist, xenophobic and even homophobic behavior, it was only after the surfacing of footage of him condoning relationships between younger and older men that he started to face professional consequences, including losing his book deal and job at Breitbart.

The Academy Awards

We finally discussed the 89th Academy Awards, starting with the legendary Best Picture gaffe which saw “La La Land” being mistakenly called the winner before the award was rightfully handed over to “Moonlight.” We talked about how “Moonlight” was the first LGBT-centric and all-black cast movie to win the  Best Picture Oscar. We looked at Viola Davis’ emotional speech extolling the stories of everyday people and Mahershala Ali becoming the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar. We also took a look at “Moonlight” screen writers Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney’s victory, with them declaring the importance of crafting movies that reflect the lives of black and brown boys, girls and non-gender conforming persons.

(featured image source The New Daily- James Rainey)

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